Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sans Music

This is actually my 50th post!  I had no idea I would last this long, and I know many of you bloggers out there have said this yourselves.  But it is soooo true!  I was going to do a post of 50 things about me, but I won't bore you right now with that.  You'll have to wait to #100!  Thanks for reading as always, I really do enjoy connecting with all of you and from a runner who has no running buddies, it feels good to bounce my thoughts and ideas off of all of you...thanks a million :)

My last dozen or so runs have all been done with out me using my iPod.  This is quite the step for me.  When I first started exercising so long ago, I was merely walking on my treadmill.  I had my husband set it up in the living room right in front of the TV.  I would put on Food Network and make myself walk all the way through one 30 min episode.  Walking is boring if you have never had to do it for extended periods of time.  At the time though, I was just starting out.  I had no stamina and I had also just quit smoking so my lung capacity for anything over 4 mph on the treadmill was non-existent.  I would even put a towel right over the display board so I couldn't see how far I was going.  Soon, I would up my time on there to one 30 min show then 15 mins into the next, until finally I was walking about an hour and a half.  My point is, I couldn't have done it without the use of my TV.  I needed the distraction, I needed to zone out.  It's also funny, I trained for my first half marathon completely on that treadmill.  I only ran outside once before race day!  Crazy, I know...but I think I mentioned that I never had the thought cross my mind to head out doors!

Come race day, I knew I would need something to distract myself while tackling the mountains of Lake Tahoe.  (yes, I went big for my first half!)  My hubbs bought me an iPod and from there on out, pretty much every run I took I used my iPod.  There were times where I would try to run without it, but I couldn't bare the silence.  I needed the distraction.  Lately though, in light of my recent run-ins, I have been heading out the door sans iPod.  Often times this isn't such a big deal.  I have my chatty-kathy hubbs on the bike next to me.  But I don't drag him along for my shorter or medium-long runs, so I really need to pay extra attention to my surroundings.

Surprisingly, I have REALLY enjoyed not wearing my iPod.  I have begun to really enjoy the rhythmic noise of my feet hitting the ground, the sound of my breathing, and paying attention to the cars whizzing by.  I have also noticed that I am able to pick up my pace just a little bit more by simply listening to how I am breathing.  I know for sure what my exertion level is almost intuitively, I don't have to have the constant dialogue in my head of, "I think I am going to fast, wait, you're actually going to slow - pick it up Katie!"  I am able to really zone out and focus on my run...and so far, it's been wonderful.

So how about you guys, do you run with or without music?  Are you constantly without music or always having to wear your iPod?  Or do you go with how you're feeling that day?  Right now I am just going with how I feel when I lace up my shoes and really enjoying my runs.  I love running because it is my down time, it's my thinking time.  Not having the same playlist constantly running through my ears really lets me relax and embrace the moments I have for running.  So where are you at with your music and your runs?

I nailed my 14 miler on Monday, but I was exhausted yesterday!!  I had my usual 8 on the books for Tuesday and I got out there so I wouldn't be in any more mileage deficit.  It was raining, but it was also COLD!  I just couldn't get warm.  So the hubbs suggested I warm up on my treadmill before I head out and that was just what I needed.  I did a half mile on the dreadmill and then headed out the door to finish up.  It was really nice to already be warm and be able to hit the ground ready to tackle my workout.  Give it a shot all you peeps that live in the cold.  Even just a 1/4 mile can get your heart-rate up and the blood moving.

I have another medium long run on the books today and I am meeting the hubbs after work to get it done.  This is a week for ramping up mileage and I am feeling it!  I am hungry!  Ah, marathon training...don't ya love it!?

Happy Hump Day peeps and Happy Running!


Jamoosh said...

I often run in the dark, so I never run with music.

Denise said...

Congrats on the 50th!! Here's to many more.

I stopped listening to music when I left the gym and was running soley outside. i stopped for safety reasons but soon realized i didn't need the ipod. now when i wear it on the treadmill, i notice i'm not even paying attention to it.

Sarah said...

When I run on the treadmill, I HAVE to have my music on. It's just so damn boring to run on that anything to distract me is good. TV, music, whatever!

That said, I have been turning my music off occassionally on my longer weekend runs. Some days I actually really like it. And I definitely feel safer and more alert to my surroundings, which is the whole reason I started doing it in the first place. I'm not ready to give up my iPod just yet though!!

BTW I love reading about how you started this by walking on your treadmill. Gives me hope for me!

Morgan said...

Happy 50th post!!!

I run in the early, early morning almost daily so I don't run with an ipod. Once upon a time I did but for safety reasons I cut that from my required gear. You've got to be aware of your surroundings. Now the only time I wear it is on my mid morning Sunday runs and only with one ear bud in, turned down.

Great job on that 14 miler!!!

I'm always hungry too. Like right now. :)

Staci Dombroski said...

I always bring my ipod, but I do not turn it on right away. I start to turn it on when I need a little distraction :-) Congratulations on your 50th post!!

L.B. said...

50 posts!! Congrats!

I will never run with my iPod again, but that's because I got my phone now to play music. Okay, that was lame. Sorry.

Um... nearly all of my long runs I've done without the iPod (or phone). I usually listen to music though since I'm on the 'mill and I just need it. But if and when I get to run outside by myself, I may just leave it at home because of the things you've mentioned, just being able to think and listen to the sounds around you. I'm not attached to music as I once was.

Although, I'm getting a whole batch of audiobooks from my brother so I may switch from music to books.

April said...

Congrats on your 50th post!

I always run without music. I helps me keep aware of not only my surrounding but it helps me stay in tune with my body. Plus, I love the quiet time.
Love reading about when you started and how far you've come!! What an inspiration! You have quite a race schedule! Way to Go!
Have a Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Yeah on #50!!!

I am a take it or leave it kind of IPod girl. I used to never leave home without it but usually I only use it now when I am on the treadmill. Outside doesn't bother me and I feel safer.


Congrats on 50 posts!

I use an ipod when I run outside alone. Never with a friend and never on the treadmill ... just kind of my thing!

And marathon training is awesome for one reason alone ... you can eat anything!

Heidi said...

I just read your "run-in" story and my heart was racing. How scary!

On the dreadmill I MUST have music. I stare at a plain coffee colored wall and it's boring as hell. I would kill for TV down there.

But outdoors I've always gone au natural. I don't like headphones anytime, and while outside I just love to hear life.

You totally hit it with your description of being in tune with "your" sounds. I totally know how each pace sounds and feels and I use that during a race.

Jill said...

Happy 50th Anniversary!! When I started my blog, for myself and my trainer, I blogged EVERY ... SINGLE....DAY just so that we could assess my "issues" and I have like over 300 but no one would want to read any of my early stuff. Haha. Not that anyone wants to read later stuff but at least it's not a whiny, complainy rant about aches and pains every time.

As for the music,I can't even run a step w/o my iPod. I hate the sounds of my own wheezing breathe and my own toxic (haha) thoughts. I'm much better if I have something to listen to and keep me distracted from the task at hand!

Thanks for email :).

Jess said...

So cute that you're on your 50th post. I'm on my 1,576th :)

But, certainly, all those posts haven't made me half the speedy distance runner that you are!

Anonymous said...

I have an ipod but never use it. Listening to music while running gets in the way of my best time to think and reflect.

I have found in my own situation that doing regular blog entries really keeps me on track. Congratulations on hanging in there!

ajh said...

Can't survive on the treadmill without my Ipod with music. I can outside although I often run with it I am listening to a podcast. I often run with friends and don't use it then. I run on a road with no shoulders and should never use it.

And yes,,,,,I like the snow but the humidity sucks. That is why I like cold or cool weather so much!

Tara said...

Happy 50th post Katie! I love your story about how you got started in running. You've come soooo far girl! I have no lung capacity right now, so you're giving me hope.

I don't run with my Ipod when I do trail runs. I love to be in the woods and hanging out in nature. I do wear it when I'm doing road runs. I wish that I could say I didn't, but I totally love getting lost in the music and zoning out.

Nice job on your 14 miler. I can't believe that you trained for your first half on a treadmill. Weren't your legs KILLING you by the end of the race?

Heather said...

I rarely run with music, so when I do I end up getting annoyed with it and pull my ear buds out. I do occasionally like the iPod for track workouts . . . helps get me pumped up.

Christina said...

Thanks for the comments. You're right I need to work on my taper plan and eating plan. I went for a run tonight and feel better. A good run cures everything. :)

As far as music, I go in stages. Right now I love my music and other times I don't use it at all. I won't run a race with music so I will probably do my next runs without.

Becca said...

When I first started running, my sister (Ironman) strongly discouraged running with music. She told me not to become dependent on the music to keep me motivated. There are a lot of races that don't allow headphones so it's been great. It's nice to hear the sounds of nature, and that car approaching ;)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I dont think I could get rid of my Ipod, I THINK far too much. But I am a one earbud girl now.

GREAT work getting in those long miles. Amazing to hear where you started..

Hugs to 50 can send me the list of 50 things if you are bored, I will read it :)

Jenn said...

I used to love running early in the mornings through the summer without my ipod. It was sooo calm and quiet and all you could hear were crickets and birds. I do not however like the sound of cold!! Yes, some may say cold does not have a sound but I disagree and I cannot run without my ipod outside in the winter!! Glad your 14 went well! My week is actually going great so far and I'm feeling much better about my progress. Hopefully my 18 tomorrow doesn't shut me down!! Good luck the rest of the week! PS-have you found anything out about spectating in Boston?

N.D. said...

I go in phases of music or not. Right now I am so sick of my playlist so it's a non music time, but sometimes I just need it.