Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wet and Soggy!

Boston training started this week, and I am off to a so-so start.  Monday I had no desire to run at all.  I think I had a case of those Monday blues I have talked about oh so many times :), but I just kept thinking, "Boston, Boston, Boston," and oh yeah, that other little race, "Big Sur, Big Sur, Big Sur."  So I got my butt out and ran 6 of the eight miles I had on the schedule.  I don't often skip what's on my training schedule, but I knew that I needed to get out there no matter what and I I got out there, started running, and let my legs tell me how long I could go.

6 miles -  46:18  7:42/mi pace.  This often happens to me, on the days I just don't want to run, my legs kick in and go fast to just get it done!

I should have relished that run more on Monday. The weather was perfect, low 50's, clear sky, and no where to be once I got home.  But I didn't and I was kicking myself yesterday when I went home to run.  It didn't rain all afternoon, but by the time I got in the car to go home for my run, it was pouring buckets out!  I should have known.  Kind-of like when you wash your car one day and it rains the next.   My hubbs got me some really nice rain gear from Asics this year, a jacket and pants.  I really like that the jacket is bright yellow and has lots of reflective stuff all over it, but although it keeps me pretty dry, the material doesn't breathe so well.  I sweat awful in it.  So when I finished my run last night, although I was wasn't wet from the rain, I was soaked with sweat!  I was almost too hot as I ran last night and I know that slowed me town a ton.  Maybe this is too much info, but heck it's my blog and I don't care, when I took my sports bra off it was sopping wet!  It was a bear to get off!  So, for all you peeps out there that deal with rain more than we NorCal peeps do, what do you use to stay dry in the rain?  What jacket or clothes do you wear that keeps you dry but allows you to breathe?  I need something 'cuz our "rainy" season is upon us and thought of hitting the treadmill right now just bums me out.

I managed 9 miles last night.  9 long, wet, cold and dark miles.  I run down a six lane road and it can get a bit dicey there once people are heading home.  By the time I finished at 5:30 it was pitch black out and even though I had my little light on, I still felt a little nervous running in the bike lane.

9 miles 1:12:27  8:03/mile 

I had the hubbs take a picture of me when I got home as I was one soaked runner.  Sorry, he took it on my phone and the quality isn't all that fab, but I tell you, I was wet!

I am also back to dealing with some tummy issues when running.  I really battled this when I first started running.  But it is back and rearing its ugly head.  Often times I have a sour stomach when I start my runs and have to deal with a feeling of nausea the whole time.  Or other times, like last night, my tummy felt fine, but mile 5 I had to go!  It is awful having to stop a run to "go," and then have to start up again so often times I just grit my teeth and battle on.  I don't know what has changed.  My diet is pretty consistent, not counting the entire birthday cake my hubbs and I polished off this weekend, I am boring like that.  I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day, and dinner consists of the same 7 meals just mixed up during the weeks.  I'm not stressing too much yet so I don't think it's that.  And my tummy issues I had discussed a few weeks back, I am on medication to combat that.  So I guess what I am trying to say, does anyone else deal with the runner's trots? (Gah, I hate that term! - but it's true!)  And if you do, is it consistent or come and go like mine?  I can go weeks with no issues at all!  I can run an entire marathon without having to stop!  But sometimes I can't get three miles into a run without having to deal with it.  Any suggestions would be great!

My hubbs and I are going away for the weekend.  It's my birthday, the big 3-0, and he has planned the whole thing.  He won't tell me where we are going and it's killing me!  I am a planner!  I need to know!  I asked him last night if where we were going if I would be able to get my long run in at some point, and his snotty answer was, "I can't tell you."  WTH?  I am training dude!  I gotta plan!  And when I asked him what kind of clothes I should pack, he told me he would pack!  WTF?  He hasn't packed a bag since we started dating!  He forgets everything!!!  I am already an over packer as it is, so I guess he won't mind carrying double the luggage!  I have decided that I am going to leave work early tomorrow to go home and get the long run done.  I can't risk missing it all for the sake of a surprise.  I am not good at surprises, I am a planner, and it's killing me!!

Its hump day peeps, half way through the week.  I have 7 miles for tonight and 14 for tomorrow.  Let's hope the rain lets up for me tomorrow :)
And go on over to Marcia's blog and check out here awesome "I Declare" giveaway - you could win a custome charm necklace!  Whoo hoo!!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Running!


Staci Dombroski said...

Welcome to the 30's!! I never had a stomach issue until my first half marathon when I accidently picked up a gatorade instead of a water and it tore my stomach apart. I did not want to finish the race because I was so miserable!

The Linz said...

lol- I am such a planner too! It would kill me not to know. Though a nice surprise is good every now and then. And for your big 30 birthdy I would just soak it all up! And how sweet he is going through all the work to plan it. YAY! Can't wait to hear what happens. And Happy early birthday!!

Sarah said...

You are a trooper running out in that rain. It was coming down good when I got home last night!

So fun that Ari is going to the trouble of doing a big 30-birthday weekend for you! I say go with it. And if you run tomorrow then you can just relax and enjoy it without worrying so I say go for it. :) Can't wait to hear where you two go!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I'm a planner as well. Suprises drive me crazy! But enjoy your 30th. Sounds like your husband has something great planned.

And I've got no good advice on the raining training. If it's cold and wet then I hit the treadmill. I'm a wimp.


Happy 30th! I am horrible with surprises too, but I'm sure he knows you well enough to plan something awesome. Just make sure you pack a little bag with all of your running gear just in case!

Keep up all the speedy running!

Heidi said...

Nice pace! When I first started running I could only run on the treadmill because of "tummy issues". I had to be near a bathroom. Now it's pretty good, unless I've eaten something unhealthy within the previous 24 hrs. It's my #1 worry on before a race. I wake up terrified that I won't be able to "go" before a race. Quite stressful!

Aww, your hubby sounds sweet about your birthday surprise, but that would stress me out - hahhaa. My husband had planned to take me to Cuba for our 10th anniversary and was going to pack all my stuff (without me knowing) and drive to the airport. Luckily friends and family talked him out of it because there's no way he would have gotten all the right things.

Running in the rain sucks. I would know. I live directly north of you in BC Canada and we get TONS of rain. But I get super hot when I run and hate to wear a jacket. I'd prefer to get wet from the rain that to be hot and sweaty. So I either wear a long sleeve running shirt or a tank with a zip up yoga type jacket. Sports bras are hard to get off when they're wet. I haven't found a solution to that.

Jill said...

You crack me up, chicka!! I'm a planner too and there's no way I could go anywhere with someone packing for me. I hope you have a blast!! Send me your address, I got something for your big 3-0!! Wow...I can't even recall my 30's, but I'm thinking they were fun ;).
I have horrible GI issues when I run sometimes and have equated it to anything with sugar. I cannot take GU products and have resorted to Hammer gels and Perpetuem. But I can't even eat anything sugar related for a couple days before a long run. Maybe it was the cake? Hum... :). I don't know your answer but start by keeping a food journal and eliminating one at a time. Maybe it's more...who knows, but that's a start.
Big Hug to you!

shellyrm said...

I love to run in the rain! And when I do, I just get wet. I wish I had a magic article of clothing that kept me dry but didn't sweat me to death, but no. I just get wet.

Tummy issues. I often have peppermint right before or on the run. It settles your 'stomach.' Of course, I don't have the term corn field emergencies for nothing. It doesn't always work. Sometimes nature just screams NOW!!

Happy Birthday. Try and relax and enjoy it just for the weekend. You will be able to run no matter where you go! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

I just get wet and deal.

Happy almost bday! I know Ari knows you well enough to know you want your long run so I wouldn't stress. It's not like Bela is going to let you skip ;)

L.B. said...

It rained overnight here in SoCal and looked like it was going to rain, and I really wanted to get my gear on and run out in the elements. But I've got my 4-year-old with me so it was the old 'mill-in-the-garage route for me.

Glad to see you made it out in the rain. I think it's pretty cool to run in the rain sometimes, but then again it doesn't really rain much on us down here in SoCal.

Heather said...

That's a great reflective jacket!

Hope you have a great birthday weekend- sounds like it should be fun and a good surprise!

Teamarcia said...

Congrats on kicking off the Boston training!
And happy birthday in advance--have a fantastic surprise weekend! I'm sure your hubbs will factor in a long run!

Jess said...

The surprise weekend away sounds fun! Try to let go and just enjoy what your husband has planned for you!

RunToTheFinish said...

WOOOOTTT Birthday girl. So you know I was having a little not motivated to run episode which so rarely happens to me...what got me going again was a few days of no running, doing only cross training. Then a run with my group, so just moving while talking was nice... hope the motivation returns soon for you

Denise said...

That was a speedy run on a day you weren't feeling it!

As for stomach issues, I have a lot of problems, too. Can't iron out what it is although I have ruled out a few foods I have to stay away from the day before running. Even then, it can happen so I'm not sure what causes it. I do know I can't do gels/gus. They kill my stomach.

Tara said...

I use a treadmill to stay dry in the rain. He-He! I'm just kidding, I actually love running in the rain and usually wear Nike's Fit Dry stuff, plus my Pearl Izumi bike rain jacket. It's bright just like your jacket is!!

Happy Happy Birthday girlie! Can't wait to hear what the hubbs has planned for you all; I'm sure it will be an awesome weekend!

Jenn said...

Nice work on the running! I've had stomach issues in the past and still have an intolerance to many foods even after I had my gall bladder removed. Running is OK without gels or drinks but as soon as they are consumed I become one with the nearest cornfield! OMG-I am so excited to find out where you're going for your B-day! I hope you have an awesome time!!

Christina said...

For long runs I have pepto bismal tablets and I'll take one at first gurgle. Because I don't want to make myself constipated, I limit those to the long runs and hope all goes ok on the shorter runs. I've been fortunate to not have any accidents out on the road or have to jump behind a bush(or at least not within the last year but I have had to do that). Maybe have a snack before you run, or don't have a snack if you do now, or have one earlier. You know, experiment. It may just be a phase too and it will pass and work its way through (hahaha)

N.D. said...

The first time I looked up "trots" I thought it was so funny! What worked for me was no dairy 24 hours pre-long run, but it sounds like you are having issues on the shorter ones too. Maybe no dairy ?