Friday, February 26, 2010

3 Things Friday!

Yes, I know that usually "3 Things" occurs on Thursday for most blogy's, or I could call it "5 Things Friday," but I missed yesterday posting, bullet style sounds fun and my life just isn't that exciting for 5 whole things!  Sorry I have been MIA all week, it's has really picked up in the tax world and I am doing everything possible to stay sane!

  1. Tomorrow the hubbs and I will be heading to Tahoe for the day to meet up with my family and have a day of snowboarding.  Actually, everyone else will be skiing or snowboarding but I am going to sit this day out.  I cannot risk injury before Boston so the season is over for me.  Which really sucks in the moment since they have been getting dumped with glorious snow since last week and are due for some more!  We aren't going to spend the night since I have my long run on the books for Sunday and we both will be missing our pooch and our bed! Yes, you read that right - we are coming home early to be with our Lilly :)  It will be a long day but I should be able to get a run in, possibly with Sarah, and enjoy "whiskying" as my grandma used to like to call hanging out in the lodge.
  2. My runs this week have been less than ideal.  I have rearranged my schedule now so that I come in late two days a week to get my runs done in the morning, and then two days a week I am taking a long lunch to get home and get my runs in.  It ensures I keep up my training and I can still pull the all nighters that is so common during tax season.  I tried this a little bit last year when I was training for the San Diego Rock and Roll marathon but I wasn't consistent about it and ended up going into that race feeling less than prepared.  Not this year!  I am going to make it work - even if I develop large black circles under my eyes!
  3. My knees have been killing me when I run.  I am dreading my runs right now.  And I just can't figure it out.  I had knee probs back in H.S. when I played soccer and golf but they hadn't bothered me with my running all these years until the last couple of weeks.  They are achy and tight, and they hurt when I strike or kick during my runs.  It is also making my legs feel like lead- I just have no "kick" to them.  I was thinking it was my quads all tight and pulling on the muscles since the pain goes right over my knee in the patella part but I have been rolling and stretching like a mo-fo and it doesn't seem to be working.  Last night I iced but they still feel achy this morning.  If I can't get a grasp on this I think I will be heading into my PT guy and see what's up.  I don't want to dread the miles right now, but I am.  I also don't think it's the mileage as I had a good base going in and have even had a couple of cut back weeks - but you never know!  I have to figure this out!
**Editor's note:  Thanks for all the comments so far about my knees!  I will tell you one piece of the puzzle that i think many of you are already thinking - I have about 5 pairs of shoes that I rotate on a regular basis - none have more than 100-150 miles on them.  I thought it might be my shoes too, but I just don't think that's possible.  Any other thoughts?  I'm loving all the comments!!

It's Friday!  I am going to work a short day and go home, tackle my run and get to bed early as we should be on the road before 5 tomorrow.  I am actually excited to run in Tahoe - it's my favorite place in the world :)

So, to all you peeps racing this weekend, especially the Redhead, B.o.B. and Jamoosh, you're gonna rock it out there!  Run hard, run fast and above all ENJOY it!  You guys are going to do great!  And to all my peeps tackling the long run this weekend, good luck and ENJOY it, too!  I have just over 7 weeks to Boston and to say I am freaking out is an understatement.  Hopefully I will have knees by then!  Oh, and I plan on signing up for this next week!  You get a medal and another shirt!  Sooooo cool!

Happy Friday peeps and Happy Running!!
P.S. Don't forget to take a look at Amanda's great giveaway over at RunToTheFinish for some awesome compression pants - just don't enter, I want to win!


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Tahoe!!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

is it possible that it's time for new shoes?


hope the knees are ok! Maybe shoe shopping is in your future! Have fun in Tahoe!

Laura said...

The only advice I ever give is rolling, and you're doing that, so not sure what else to say. Maybe new shoes are the answer?

Have fun in Tahoe, and don't be TOO afraid to ski... you gotta have fun :) I'm actually planning ski days before and after my Colorado marathon.

Ewa said...

Maybe you can still have some fun in Tahoe - cross country skiing. It is a wonderful workout and unless you go wild, no danger of injury.
It ought to be quite warm there. Have fun.

N.D. said...

ahh the sacrifices runners make! Sorry you can't enjoy the skiiing but have fun!! That's great you are able to be flexible with work and get your runs in. You are going to rock Boston! Have you been stretching? Do some yoga- that always seems to help my knees and I am so lazy and skip it most of the time.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Cool Boston 5k! Sounds great.

Careful with those knees. You only have two of them. I hope it does continue.

Enjoy getting out to the beautiful snow. Injury-free!

ajh said...

A 5K with a medal! Fun! Good luck with your knees. After your skiing sacrifice your body needs to do it's part and be in shape for you!

Heather said...

Hope you have a great weekend and your knees start feeling better soon!

Jill said...

Hey Chica,
I love opening up your pink blog, it's a huge ray of sunshine and makes me smile :). I just had to say that first of all.

Your knee: a couple things come to mind. 1) you're overtraining. Enough said. I had this problem a LOT two years ago. 2)Underdeveloped VMO quad muscle. Also had this problem. 3) your feet don't like the rotation of all those different types of shoes types.
Just a thought. I've had chronic knee pain in the past and it's usually #1 and #2. Your second thing of not running great right now is a classic sign of overtaining, too. I'm the queen of this puppy....or was til I got really sick!

Have a blast in Tahoe - so jealous. I am headed to the mts. too as I am off work on Monday. Hope I can run!!

Hugs to you!!!

L.B. said...

You going to Tahoe and watching others frolic in the snow is like me sitting at a party watching others drink beer. It's not that I can't or don't drink... well, i've had one beer since August, so I've slowed down... but I just don't like the feeling the next day. My ability to handle alcohol has decreased with age and weight loss.

I hope you will still have fun in Tahoe sans snowboarding and skiing.

Captain Nuts said...

Have fun on the slopes...take care of those knees..if you can't run what would you title your blog.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Sorry about your knees buddy... when mine flare up I know I need to ice or rest.

SOOOOO how perfect was your timing, guess who has a brand new shiny Advanced Marathon book to read on my business trip?? THANK YOU!!

Jenn said...

I don't know if I could give up a day of snowboarding for Boston! That sounds like so much fun! Sorry about the knees-at least when it's both of them it seems like it is more apt to be soreness than injury!! I thought of you today when I finished my taxes-two more months of this stuff for you-ICKK!! Got your comment about the 5K. My hubby is actually gonna run that and I'm gonna be the awesome cheering spectator wife and sit it out! You are quite the gogetter to do that one! Way to go!!!! Send me a message closer with what color shirt your wearing and I'll look for ya!!! Good luck runnin' this weekend!!

Tara said...

Hey girlie! Sorry about those knees. :( Do you maybe need new shoes?

I saw your comments on FB; I hope your brother is doing well, keeping him in my thoughts!

Julie said...

Wow, Tahoe sounds like a blast!! My college boy son would be so his dreams:) Sorry to hear about your knees giving you issues. For me it is my hips that seem to bother me every now and then.

Wow, I was just checking out your are really fast:)

Jameson said...

I love shoes (like a 17 year old girl) Sadly I only have one pair of runners, soon I will grab another pair. If my casuals were runners I'd have an absurd ammount.

X-Country2 said...

Have a great trip!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Hope the weekend training went well and the knees are feeling better. Have you considered bursitis?