Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rest Days

Monday was a rest day for me.  When Sunday was over I was so glad that I had Monday off from running.  But then Monday arrived and I wanted to run.  I felt guilty for not running.  My legs wanted to move.  Rest days are hard for me, even after six days straight of running and high mileage.  My head plays crazy tricks on me and makes me want to throw all logic out the window and just run.  I am not good at sitting still, but I do know that rest days are some of the most important days in marathon training.  They give our legs and minds a day to regroup and reenergize so that the next block of hard training can really make a difference.

I could have gone to the gym (still have a few days left) and done some weights or some hard core workout, but I let my body and mind rest.  It's amazing how much time I have on my hands in the evening when I don't have a run scheduled!  I actually got a load of laundry done on a Monday night!  I had dinner with my parents and even enjoyed the company of my husband.  And even though it was a successful rest day in that I truly rested, my body was still not happy with me.  I couldn't sleep.  I tossed and turned all night.  I woke up every half hour and just couldn't turn myself "off."  The problem was I wasn't tired.  I hadn't expended much energy behind my desk all day and even doing laundry didn't break a sweat.  Does this ever happen to any of you on your rest days?  Do you feel restless because you didn't run or expend much energy?  While I was tossing and turning it hadn't occurred to me just yet that I wasn't tired from not running.  What I was thinking about though was my next run.  I am deep in marathon training, and even though I am getting deeper into tax season, my body is just ready to go, go, go.  How do you sleep on rest days?

When Tuesday rolled around I was feeling ready to run.  I wished I had more time in the morning to go for a run before work but alas, that would have to wait until the afternoon.  Funny thing was, by the time I got home...I didn't want to run anymore.  I haven't had time to revamp my training schedule and it still said 10 miles for Tuesday.  My heart wanted to go out and pound the pavement for 10 miles, but my head said that wasn't happening.  I vowed to make this a lower mileage week and I really wanted to stick to that.  So I hit the track for some 800's and some strides and a quick 5K to get my legs turning over.  I had been so drained on Sunday and I wanted to feel the life back in my legs.  My 5K felt great...21:22.  I wasn't exhausted afterwards and was able to complete a few sets of 800's at 10K pace to finish out the day with just over 6 miles.  It felt so good to run fast, and I know that I wouldn't have done as well if I hadn't taken that rest day.  It's a double edged sword.  I want to run fast and perform well, but without taking those rest days I know I won't perform to my potential or my own standards.

Today I think I will tackle that medium long run.  I will shoot for 10-12 and see where my legs and head take me.  I have my 10K to look forward to on Saturday and then Sunday I have a long run of 20.  The long run will be another good test of what it feels like to run on tired legs.  I haven't decided yet if I am going to go all out on Saturday but I do want to test my 10K fitness and really give my legs the feeling of being tired again for Sunday.  For now though, I am going to let myself get through the rest of the week and see how I feel come Saturday.  I don't want to set myself up for another crash and burn for my long run like I did on Sunday.  It just isn't good for my head and I gotta keep in the game until April 19th!

So, I had promised you guys a while back some funny pictures from my surprise party.  And since no good post is complete with out some pics...without further ado, here is my party and all my sweat glory.  Go ahead a laugh.  Just keep in mind, I hadn't showered after my 12 mile run, I didn't have my glasses and was blind, and it was a complete surprise!
Carbing up after my run :) (that's my MIL in the backgroud - isn't she a gem?)

Getting ready for some fondue!

My SIL Suzie and me :)

My little sister Erin and me :)

My little sis E, as we call her, turns 21 on the 22nd and we are super excited!  I can't believe my baby sister is 21! LOL!
Its Wednesday peeps, the weekend is within sight!  Happy Running!
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Wow! 21 min 5k and you weren't tired? You are my idol!

You and your sis look so much alike!

Sarah said...

WOW what a great 6-miler!! I can only hope I can do runs like that some day without passing out or puking! LOL

Enjoy your run today, I think you are being smart changing around your plan and making it work for you. I can't wait to see you on Saturday! I'm getting excited!!

BTW love the birthday pics, the one of you and Ari with the party hats is too cute!

Staci Dombroski said...

Great job speedy!!! Love the pictures :-)

Heidi said...

Amazing 5K pace. One day I wanna be you - teeheee.

I don't get that same reaction from one rest day, but if I have 2 or (ACK) 3 in a row I can't sleep at all and my legs start bouncing at my desk in the afternoons. I figured out a while ago that lots of hard exercise ensures a good nights sleep.

I think you look pretty darn good in your b-day pics. I wish I looked that good after 12 miles.

Jamoosh said...

You should rename your blog One Speed Work Out at a Time!

April said...

Wow!! 21 min 5k! You rock!!
Great pics from your party!!

I feel the same way on my "rest" days, kind of like I'm cheating.

Jenn said...

21 minute 5K 2 days after a half! Awesome!! That is race pace for me at that distance! I hate rest days. They throw such a wrench into my mental state. I can be going great and then take a scheduled day off and lose interest entirely. I schedule most of my rest days now on days that I'm too busy to think about the fact that I'm resting!

Thankyou for the reassuring comments. You always make me feel better! Trust me-you would never have wanted to see this message on your mom's cell phone. Not your typical "Meet my under the bleachers" variety.

I'm doing a medium long run today too. Probably not too fast and outside in 2 degrees! Just got to finish getting prodded and poked at the clinic first!! Have a great day!

X-Country2 said...

What a great party! Anything with wacky hats is bound to be awesome.

Jess said...

I don't struggle with rest ;)

Angela and David Kidd said...

I find as I get older it gets easier to take advantage of those running days. Like you, I used to sneak in easy runs on my days off. Now I do NOTHING and it is fabulous.

Good luck this weekend at the 10K. I say go for it.

Teamarcia said...

That looks like an awesome party! So fun! You and your sis are adorable together!
Funny you call your MIL a gem, I call mine a prize. I think they should meet. Actually mine will be here tomorrow. Help.

ajh said...

I typically lOVE my rest days! Looks like a fun party.

Jill said...

I've had three days off from running and went I went today, my legs felt like lead. My head was screaming and I decided I'm just not going to run anymore. Ever. Nope. No Boston even. Party for me, will you???


Why won't my legs work? I think it's all mental.

Your 21.22 is faster than my 5K PR. Not that I'm jealous or anything (brat!). haha.

I'm really tired so sorry for the rambling. Will you make me accountable for my eating and running? Cuz I'm not feeling good about either. Your sister is adorable and spitting image of you :). What a couple cuties !!!!

Anonymous said...

You and your sister look so much alike! I bet you get that all the time though :)

You are so speedy- I would probably collapse if I ran that fast- awesome! (awesome your time, not me collapsing!)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I DO NOT have this problem. By the time my head hits the pillow I am OUT!.. I cherish my rest days because I have countless errands to run and I can actually have time to eat my lunch. I rarely get a real BREAK because I am either working at work or working at home.

Maybe you should read before bed to help your mind calm down??

Thanks for the link love.. You will be getting a special surprise just in time for your CRAZY April and May :) maybe sooner..

Heather said...

Your comments about your mother in law crack me up. I would be making the same comments about my MIL, but my father in law reads my blog. :)

Have you ever tried to do yoga on your rest days? I like to do it right before bed on Sunday nights . . .

Denise said...

Most of the time when a rest day rolls around for me I'm ready for it. But if one comes and I want to run, I will. But I keep it very easy just to get my legs moving and to make my mind happy.

As for sleeping. I never have a problem with that!!

N.D. said...

it is so hard to take rest days - I feel guilty too. I try to get through the day w/o caving. Your workout week sounds great and love the b'day pics. Lil sis is so cute!!