Friday, July 30, 2010

What Would You Do For A Run?

I know I shouldn't complain about the warm weather California is having since a lot of you are on the East Coast and dealing not only with heat BUT humidity (I don't know how you do it!). does get warm here!  Actually, this week has not has been as oppressive as it has been, but none the less, when I get home from work and the thermometer is reading 85, I go bananas!  I'm sure it makes me stronger (I keep telling myself that) but man, I just want some 70's...or maybe some 60's?

So, when I got home yesterday I got Ari and the pooch to get in the car with me and go over to Santa Cruz - the beach!  It's about a 40 minute drive for us, and although my inner environmentalist is screaming at me for driving unnecessarily, it is actually quite accessible to hit cooler temps to get a run in.  The drive over is beautiful too, going through the Santa Cruz mountains.  Lilly just loves to have her head hanging out while we drive and loves a trip to the beach!

I had a medium long run on the books of 10 miles and the thought of running around my usual running route, in the heat, was just too much to take.  Thankfully though, Santa Cruz was my sanctuary and greeted me with 65 degree temps, fog and a beautiful sunset :)  I ran through the town of Capitola, down by the beach with all the cute surfers hang and then back.  It's also super hilly, which gave me an impromptu hill work out.  The locals are also a fun added bonus, since many of them are hippies just 'livin' la vida loca'!  Never a dull moment at Pleasure Point!

So while I ran, Ari and Lilly played at the beach!  Notice he is wearing a sweatshirt!

I had 10 miles on the books but I stopped at 9 - the hilly course and my bad math skilz left me a mile short - but I'll take it!  It was my best run of the week and one of my best in a while!
9 miles - 1:11:07 - 7:54/mi pace :)

Horrid picture of me - why didn't I smile? Hahaha!
By the time we were headed home it was finally cooling off in San Jo and was so glad we made the little drive to enjoy the sand, surf and nice weather.  I'm not usually good at being so spontaneous, but when I have to get my run on all rules go out the window!  What would you do for a run?  I know many of you not only juggle your work schedule into training, but you juggle families and kids, housework and other social responsibilities.  Sometimes though, putting a few other things aside to feed your inner runner is just what you need.
And, it seems Lilly really enjoyed herself, too!  This is the look of one tired pup-pup!

I'm so stoked it's Friday!  The only thing I have planned is running and relaxing (oh, and piles of laundry)!  I've been going non-stop the past few weekends and some time at home to just veg is just what I have been craving.  I do have a long run on the books - 18 miles at some point, just got to figure out which day I want to do it.  I love having things up in the air!

Good luck to all of you racing this weekend, especially TMB!  You're gonna rock it girlie! AND an extra special shoutout to my friend TARA, doing her first 70.3 this weekend!  Good luck - you're going to do awesome!  Run strong, run fast and have FUN!
Happy Friday peeps and Happy Running!
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Katie said...

oh man....i've been injured for so long, i'd do ANYTHING to get in a nice long run! ha! nice run, miss speedy!

i'm super jealous of how close you are to santa cruz...and the 65-degree temps! and the beach, ocean, all of it.

cute pic of Lilly! she looks wiped out!

Jamoosh said...

Love me a beach run. So jealous right now.

Marlene said...

Sounds like a perfect change of scenery (and temperature). Awesome run!!!


I want to run in a place like that. I am really considering running San Diego next June. I know it's still far from you, but maybe I can convince you to run it too ...

Thanks for the well wishes!

L.B. said...

What would I do for a run? I'd pay six bucks for the gym's day care to watch them. Sadly, that's about my only option to run right now.

Once school starts, though, I will drive around different places to look for some nice running routes.

I wish I could get the fam to pile into the car and go to the beach for a run. Oh, those careless kid-free days!

Middle Name Marie said...

If only it was 85 degrees here--haha! Glad you--and your pup--got to enjoy the beach

ajh said...

I drive 40 minutes to run on the bike path. You've got to make it enjoyable as much as possible

Jo Lynn said...

I'm complaining about the cold and you're complaining about the heat? We *do* live in the same area, right?
Lilly!!!! :)

Jill said...

Awwww, you've been at the beach twice this week :). That Lilly is a lucky girl, as is her momma! I'm FAR from tbe beach, but I'd fly there in a heartbeat to run with you if I could! Excellent job on the 9 miles - that's wicked fast! Enjoy your weekend, girlie. Miss ya and hope to chat soon (call me!!). xo

Marathon Maritza said...

Glad you found a cool place to run!

I'm actually LOVING this weather for running lately, hahaha!

Heather said...

Nice beach run! I'm considering flying to CA to run on the beach with you, that's what I'd do for a good run. :)

Have a great weekend!

weirdorunner said...

I get up @ 4a.m. every morning to get my run in before it gets hot.. I really hate the heat!

MCM Mama said...

Sounds like a lovely run! I'd totally drive somewhere else for a cooler run.

onelittletrigirl said...

Last week, I raced in 100 degree weather that was more like 120 with humidity. Today, 88 felt downright cool!

Denise said...

i wanted to run at the beach this wknd but i'm still not back 100% yet. killed me to miss out on that.

the pooch looks wiped out! too funny!