Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year in Rewind

Is it just me, or did the New Year sneak up on you just like me?  It feels like I was just writing my goals and recap from 2009!  But here we are, on the eve of 2011 and I have a feeling it will be just as awesome as 2010.

I had a few goals for 2010, and I think that I accomplished almost all of them.  Once again, I spent my year running and racing.  I ran 24 races this year, more than double for 2009!  I ran 8 half marathons, 6 trail races, 4 marathons, a 10 miler, a relay, a couple of 10K's and a fun 5K while I was in Boston - I would say that was a success!  But more than anything, I met all of my time goals that I had hoped for.  I really wanted a sub 1:40 half, and I got that in November!  And I really, really, really wanted a low 3:30 marathon, and I finally achieved that with my final marathon in December.  I learned to push myself when I didn't think I had anything left.  I learned to dig deep and come out on top when I really wanted something.  I also wanted to learn what it felt like to hold on to a pace that had always seemed so far off for the majority of my runs, and I can finally say I am there.  This was a year of growing for me, I learned that running is so much a part of who I am, and I truly find myself when I'm out there running towards the finish line.  I also finished off the year today  with 1,916 miles - about 100 miles short of the 2010 I wanted, but still almost where I was last year.  I'll take it!  I also went through 6 pairs of shoes!  Hahaha!  Maybe 2,011 miles in 2011?  We'll see!

2010 wasn't just about time goals, miles and finish lines, though.  I also met some pretty amazing people this year, and made a friendship with a running buddy that means a ton to me.  I also made the blog world a second home, where I could open up to all of you and share my success and failures while supporting all of you.  I found out that blogging is very much an important accent to my running and that sometimes just knowing that all of you are here rooting for me on any given day fueled many of my runs.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I went into a bit of detail yesterday on what I hope my 2011 looks like.  You all gave me amazing support as I shared with you my newest finish line.  All of you gave me the support I needed as I venture into 2011 with a pile of unknowns - but more than anything you gave me the confidence to know that what ever happens, it will surely be another fantastic year.  So again, thank you for all the kind words and support - you really know how to make someone feel pretty dang loved ;)

Aside from the dreams of becoming a mamma this year, I also want to make sure that I keep some goals in mind with my running - weather or not I get to start my family.  I want to be able to keep racing.  Many of you mentioned that running while pregnant is very possible, and that maybe I should focus on shorter distances.  And I think you're right - I don't need to run 4 marathon's in a year, or a half dozen half marathon's to feel like I'm still in the game.  I will focus on a few key races as long as I am able to in the mean time, and keep my fitness up.  I would love to continue to get faster, incorporating more speed and core work.  I don't want to forget all the hard work I did this year, so until "things" change, my focus will be keeping up my base.  And who knows, NY marathon could still very well be a possibility.

Without recapping each and every race from the year, I'll leave you all with some pics of the highlights of 2010 - it was a very, very good year.
Bear Creek Trail Half with some amazing ladies and MUD!

Running the Great Highway for the Kaiser Half Marathon in February

My cousin Sarah and I at the Valentine's Day 10K - LOVE her!

Shamrockin' Half with Aron in March

Santa Cruz Half with Sarah  in April

BOSTON! (with the flu!)

B.A.A. 5K with Lauren and Morgan in April

Boston Marathon with my BFF Jill in April!!!

Big Sur B2B challenge in April

The Relay in April - love these girls!

Sunset Run in San Francisco with Juliane!!!

San Francisco 2nd Half in July - with the fam

SVE Dirty Legs 10K with RBR and Punky

SF Sunset run with Kristen in August

Buffalo Stampede 10 miler with Buggy!

Lake Tahoe Marathon in September

San Jose Half with Kristen in October

Healdsburg Half with Aron, Punky and Tara!!

Stockton Half Marathon with Layla and Punky!

Summit Trail Half Marathon

Punky and me after the Summit Half

CIM in December


Crying in the finish chute at CIM

The fam at CIM

Wow, going through all those the pics really reaffirms for me, that 2010 was a really awesome year for me.  And I TOTALLY noticed I dropped some weight this year!  I had no idea I was that big! LOL!  The one of me crying at CIM still chokes me up, and it's my biggest accomplishment to date.  I hope I can relive that feeling once again in 2011.  Thank you again to all of you for your continued reading and support.  I can't wait to see what's in store for all of you in 2011!
Happy New Year!

I wanted to leave this with all of you, since it was a song I just loved the past few months while running - it's "Rolling in the Deep" by Adel.  I ran with it in CIM and definitely hit repeat a few times out there!  It has some great beats and strong lyrics - enjoy! (don't read too much into the lyrics , though!  It's just a good running song!)


ajh said...

Wow! You run in some beautiful places! Don't ever take that ocean for granted!

Tortuga_Runner said...

I'm a sucker for emotions, crying at CIM is a great pic. Thanks for sharing!

L.B. said...

Great pictures to go along with great accomplishments!

Jo Lynn said...

Yup, a great year indeed! I'm so happy I got to meet you. ;)
Um, in which photo are you "that big"? I don't see it, sorry.

Jamoosh said...

You pretty much kicked 2010's butt. Have an awesome 2011!

Jill said...

You've had nothing short of a spectacular year, Chica! I was truly blessed to have you by my side, for the most part, in Boston and though it didn't play out like we had hoped, I couldn't have asked for anyone better to have crossed that finish line with...and not only Boston, but SF, too! When I think of the extremely few times last year that were good, you always seemed to be there!

I think it's time for your body to run the couple races you have and then just rest. I know you love to race but rest for now, they'll be time later when Ari is watching Arietta and you and I can race something fun again :).

Thanks,'s been a great ride with you and I hope we have many, MANY more!!

Happy 2011!!!!

Captain Nuts said...

Great recap. The song grew on me so I had to look at the lyrics.

Heather said...

Finally catching up . . . you have had a great year and are so inspiring with all your running accomplishments!

With all you changes in your family, trying to get pregnant, and job stuff, running will be a great way to retain "you." Just be flexible with your goals, don't let running be the things to stress you out, and stay positive. :)

Aron said...

Sheesh I didn't realize how many of the same races we were at!! WOW! what a great year and you ended it with a bang :)

MCM Mama said...

What a great year! Hope 2011 tops it for you.

Angela and David said...

I am just getting caught up on the blog reading. Congrats on a great 2010 and the new job. You know I am also trying to struggle with the getting pregnant thing. For me, if I train much I don't ovulate so time off is a must for me. The good news is once I get pregnant I can run again. I ran until the day I was induced with Zach. You will just have to figure out what works best with your body, which I know can be so frustrating, trust me, I certainly know.

N.D. said...

I hope 2011 brings you great joy and a little one. Thinking happy thoughts for you Katie!

PunkRockRunner said...

That "Punky" fellow is the coolest.

Happy new year,


Anonymous said...

You had a kick ass year girl! 2011 will be nothing short of amazing for you! Glad we got to do so many events together and I loved seeing you there having your race at CIM :)

ps...I am obsessed with that song!!!!!

trailturtle said...

I'm grateful to have met you last month...found your blog and finally made it through all of your accomplishments. I feel for you with your pregnancy aspirations--I have been there, too. You have multiple stressors on your plate now, so aim to do things that make you laugh and have fun.
I still hope to cross paths with you again soon, running or not. Sending you positive energy, Ann

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

seriuosly you blew my mind so many times this year with the things you were able to do and I think you are great proof that your mental attitude means a lot in distance running

Anonymous said...

I love the photos of you from CIM. You had a such a busy and amazing 2010. I know 2011 is going to be great for you- I have a lot of faith in you and I have a really good feeling things are going to be just wonderful! You are an amazing inspiration and I wish you all the best! I will be here reading along the way!

Kristen said...

What an AMAZING year you had - I am so happy I got to experience some races with you. You are such an inspiration - I only wish we could have hung out more.

I am so excited to see what 2011 has in store for you! You deserve it all.

Morgan said...

It took me long enough to get to this but man was it ever worth it. I'm all choked up over here! I'm so happy I got to meet you in Beantown and I so look forward to meeting up again in the future. Until then, dream strong, run fast and believe to achieve my dear!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love all your photos. Those photos from CIM almost make me cry! You had such an amazing year. So much change, so much growth. I know another great year is in store for you!

Keep us up to date!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Hey where is our picture?? Oh wait we havent met yet, so weird I feel like we have.. in the future for sure.

GREEAT GREAT year, you struggled and triumphed, and you did it with ethics and a smile.

Thanks for the reminder, my Ipod need a facelift ASAP..

Hugs!! You better text me once you have a + on that stick..

Love ya!! Mel

Christy said...

24 races?! That's insane! My goal is to run 12 this year!! You're amazing and such an inspiration to me and I'm hoping for the best for you in trying to get pregnant! Are you going to be in Boston this year? I'm really sad that you're ruling out NYC because I'm hoping to get into that one but either way, I want to see you this year!!! BF and I might be planning a west-coast get away this summer! I'll keep you posted

Sarah said...

WOW this was such a great recap of an amazing year of running! So glad I could be part of your memories and have you as my partner in my first half!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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