Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Weekend Recap

Forgive me bloggies for I have sinned.  It has been five days since my last post reading.  I will promise to get ahead on all your posts today at work instead of doing my actual work.  Good penance if you ask me ;)

Oh where, oh where should I start?  Should I start with my unofficial Turkey Trot race report?  Should I start with my fabulous 16 mile rainy bike ride with the hubbs? Or would you like to hear how I had to bite my MIL's face off while trying to put Thanksgiving dinner on the table? Oh I know, you want to hear about how my stupid BIL decided to turn down my hot water heater?  Hmmm, I think I will start with the race!

I was a bit nervous about running the race and getting the turkey in the oven on time.  But my mom saved my butt and said if I had it all ready she would come over and put it in the oven for me at 9:30 while I was at the race as long as I left the parade on the right channel before I left. :)  No prob!  That was a big help (BTW, she lives 1.8 miles away - she just had to let me know that she would be missing about 7 mins of the parade in order to get the bird in).  I love my mom!

We left the house about 7 to get down town on time.  It was a huge race!  About 9,000 people were running it.  I will hold off on my snooty runner's commentary and not remind you that about 8,000 of those running it had never run a race before.  Anyway, the race went off right at 8:30 and even though I dodged a few walkers my first mile I came in at 7:00.  Too fast!!  I decided to pull back a bit because I knew that I wouldn't make it another 5.2 miles in one piece if I kept that up!  Mile 2 was uneventful and I came in at 7:14.  Not good.  I was not doing well at keeping it slow.  Mile 3  I had backed off a bit and was in at 7:42.  Much better.  The next three miles were a blur.  I had passed a few peeps and was cruising.  I just kept thinking about the fact that I had promised myself an Eggnog Misto (Coffee with steamed Eggnog) when I was finished.  I crossed the line and stopped my garmin.

6.29 miles 46:05  7:18/mile
I looked up the finisher times.   I would have been the 16th over all woman and 3rd in my age division!  Sheesh!  Epic FAIL!!!

Well, I felt pretty damn good about that.  I just wanted to beat 47 mins and I did!  But I soon realized (actually the next day) I was a big fat idiot.  I never put on my timing chip.  I had taken it off my bib the night before.  Pinned my bib to my Spibelt and then I think I got distracted.  I didn't even notice it that morning while I was walking around and seeing everyone else with their orange loops on their shoes.  Oh well.  I ran and raced.  It was an unofficial time but I am pretty sure that even if I were to have a clock time I would have been under 47 mins so I will take it.  And to think I was diss-ing all those racing rookies that day!  I pulled a big racing mistake! FAIL!

When we got home my mom passed the duties off to me and Ari and headed home to get ready.  I took a shower and went into full meal prep mode.  I had a few things to take care of like setting the table and making whip cream and all of that.  Everyone arrived right on time and dinner was a huge success.  Oh, you wanted to hear how I bit my MIL's face off?  Well, you see everyone thought it would be a good idea to gather in my kitchen right as I was trying to have Ari carve the turkey and me put all the sides and dishes out.  There was no room!  And on top of that Ari was taking forever to carve the turkey!!!  When I looked over my shoulder at one point his mother (who doesn't even know how to cook - seriously, she doesn't) is trying to help him which is slowing him down.  All my sides are ready to go and he is just taking his sweet time.  I finally go over to him to get him to speed it along and my MIL says, "he is doing the best he can, you know.  He is just trying to keep it neat."  I was so mad!  How dare she get in the middle of our conversation?  This was between us!  I looked at her and said, and I am so proud of myself, "MIL, you need to let me just talk to Ari.  Please don't get involved.  How about you go sit down now."  She just looked at me and went and sat down.  He was so surprised.  I felt I had finally told her to not interrupt.  She has done this for years.  She always defends him.  And it doesn't matter how many times he talks to her, she loves to defend him in front of me!  I know for a fact that she doesn't get invovled with Ari's sister and her husband.  But she feels she has free reign to get invovled in our relations!  Ugh!  Mother's and their sons!  Sick!  Let's just say, the rest of the dinner went smoothly.

That was until I was doing dishes.  My BIL decided he was going to wash his hands right above me while I was rinsing dishes!!! Go to the bathroom and do that!  But he decided to do that anyway and proceeded to tell me that our hot water was too hot!  I tried to ignore him but I do remember him asking me where our hot water heater was.  I played dumb like I didn't know.  Well, he found it.  And when I took a shower on Friday there was little to no hot water!  I was in the shower trying to get warm after our wet, muddy bike ride and was freezing!  Ari went to the garage and checked it and he had turned it down to low!!! The nerve!  We don't have kids!  We don't have to worry about such things!  I like to look like a lobster when I get out of the shower!  Who goes to someone's house and messes with their hot water heater!!??  See what I am dealing with people?

Other than the biting of MIL's face off and my nosey BIL, it was a good day.  They came at 1:30 and were gone by 6:30.  Perfect.  I enjoyed the holiday with my mom and dad and my sister and her new bf.  I had/have so much to be thanful for and all day I kept taking mental notes of all of them (MIL's aside).  I even cleaned my entire house and did all the dishes after they left so I wouldn't have to deal with it on Friday!  On Friday it was raining but that didn't stop Ari and I for going for our 16 mile bike ride.  It was cold and I was sopping wet by the end.  But it was fun.  And romantic.  There wasn't anyone on the trails but us.  We finished our ride, had breakfast together and spent the afternoon at the movies seeing The Blind Side (go and see it - SOOO good!)

We even managed to get our tree up and a couple more runs in over the weekend.  I had a great 8 mile run in the WIND on Saturday.  I wore my tights and arm warmers and battled the wind.  I managed to try and keep it at my back almost the whole way.  I wanted to make it a speed run and I did!

8 miles  59:59  7:29/mi pace
That was an awesome run and renewed my confidence again.  I really needed it.  I did that run in some big gusty wind.  I am still up in the air about how I feel about CIM on Sunday.  I am going to keep pushing forward as if I am going to hit that starting line.  But I am not going to push myself if I don't feel it on race day.  I had a really anxious dream last night about it and it almost wiped away any confidence that 8 mile run gave me.

I have a slow week at work this week, and I think I am going to keep my miles low and easy just in case I really end up running on Sunday.  So sad I am back to work...but three weeks from tomorrow I will be in Tahoe for a week with the fam (and the MIL possibly -more on that in another post).  I am off to read some more blogs!

Have a great week peeps!
Happy Running!


Pining for Pinterest said...

What great paces! I loved the MIL and BIL stories! I think we could chat and exchange a few good ones :-)

Anonymous said...

Family is so special, haha. Congrats on everything coming out so well and for the great runs. You'll be ready.

Jen Feeny said...

Holidays wouldn't be nearly as interesting if it weren't for our Fam! LOL! Great recap, I was cracking up. Congrats on finding your confidence... it's been there all along I promise!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Your MIL and BIL stories are so funny. I can identify a bit on those.

You are speedy!! Even in the w.i.n.d. (I do NOT like w.i.n.d!

Jill said...

You one speedy chick!! Awesome run, you!

Yeah, families are a royal pain but glad it wasn't so stressful for you this year - a major relief for sure!

I like to get caught up on blogs at work, too - is there any other way? Your Tahoe trip sounds wonderful - totally envious on that one!

Welcome back to blog world!!

Denise said...

the confessional at the beginning of your post made me laugh. and reminded me that I'm way over due for going to confession. whoops.

N.D. said...

you are so fast!! that first paragraph reminded me of gradeschool!
sorry about the chip!

Jenn said...

Oh! I would be very frustrated if I forgot my chip. Good thing you didn't notice during the race. I probably would have quit!! I passed two chips on the ground during the Twin Cities marathon. Holy crap-26.2 miles and no official credit!!! Great job just the same and even better following it up with a nice speedy 8 mile.

I totally get the inlaws. Mothers and sons is right. My husband gets so irritated by the clutter in his mom's house that he randomly throws away and burns stuff every time we are there. Problem is, I am the one who is always blamed for this!!! Even if I didn't do it, I corrupted the perfect son into thinking clutter is not acceptable and therefore it is my fault!

Tara said...

How fun! Did you go on a mountain bike ride (hence all of the mud)? I can't wait to mtn bike again; I long for spring.

I'm glad your dinner went well, even though you had to put your MIL in her place. LOL. I like my new in laws, but my ex's parents were awful! I couldn't stand visits from those bastards.

Congrats on the race; what a great pace girl!!! I can't believe you forgot your your chip! That is something I would do; not you!

Heather said...

LOVE the in law drama. Cracks me up. My mother-in-law can be pretty goofy too.

Nice job on all the running!

Sarah said...

OMG the turning the water heater down would have me LIVID!!!! I can't believe he would take it upon himself to do that. Annoying!

Glad Thanksgiving was good and you had a nice weekend. I ran in the wind on Saturday too. I was pushing B in the stroller and OMG was the wind pushing back something fierce. I felt like I could barely move forward on some of the stretches. GEESH!

So fun you have Tahoe to look forward to. I hope we can go back soon too!

Aron said...

ohhhh in laws :)

great job on your 10k girl!! 5 days to go :)

Jess said...

This is why I live 2,000 miles from both my family and from my in laws.

RunToTheFinish said...

I like to look like a lobster too, really drives david nuts...but hey it's my skin and my water


You are super fast! I'm jealous! Just wondering what kind of plan you used to drop so much time from your marathon PR ... I am looking to run a sub 2hr half this year and not really sure what kind of plan to use yet ... any suggestions?

Michelle Simmons said...

Awesome running! :)
got your question... Dr clapp does talk about the birthweight and yes, runners tend to have their babies a little earlier and they tend to be a little smaller, but not unhealthy early and not unhealthy small. Just small enough to make delivery a little easier. :) And he says that when you exercise in early pregnancy, your placenta develops bigger than it otherwise would have, and is therefore more efficient at delivering oxygen to baby while mom is exercising later in pregnancy. SO, what you do early in sets you up for what you are safely able to do later. Great news!! :)

Angela and David said...

Way to stand up to the MIL.

I saw your question on Michelle Simmon's blog. This is by no means scientific but I ran up until the day Zach was born and he was huge (but very healthy and strong) and was not born early, in fact they had to force him out 10 days after my due date. So not all runners have smaller babies.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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