Friday, January 29, 2010

5 Things Friday!

I know I have mentioned this a billion times, I am not creative; I am an accountant.  With that being said, I am stealing borrowing my Friday theme from my girl Mel over at Tall Mom on the Run.  Thanks Mel! 

  • Last night our pooch Lilly decided to get us up at 12:30 am to go potty.  Ugh!  Well, I couldn't go back to sleep!  And as I laid there I was thinking all sorts of crazy things along with almost completely writing today's blog out in my head.  I won't share them all, but one in particular was a question I knew I could ask a few of my fellow bloggies :)  If I put my GU's in my suitcase (which will be checked) when I fly to Boston in April, are they going to take them out and confiscate them? Or will they be safe?  Should I just plan on buying some at the Expo?  Thoughts from any of you who have traveled on a plane with GU?
  • Tomorrow I have my first trail run in over a year with Aron!  Since I haven't ran one in a while, and the first one could almost be classified as a disaster, Aron is the resident expert tomorrow.  I already asked her if I could follow her like a lost puppy to ensure my a$$ gets to the finish line.  Thanks Aron!  Did I mention that the course record is 2 hours?!  2 hours?  I haven't ran a half that slow in a while, but it is a trail race which is a whole new ball game.  And there will be mud!  Yipee!
  • My little niece and nephew are coming into town tomorrow and right after the race the hubbs, Lilly and I are driving to Sacramento to meet up with them.  I am very excited to see them.  They live in Oregon with their mom and we are only now being able to see them on a more regular basis.  They are 16 & 17 and are just a delight - I can't wait!  This will make for another long Saturday but it is sooo worth it!
  • Aron yesterday also forwarded me an email from her friend Kristen who is organizing a relay race in May and asked me to join! am really excited about this, as I have read about so many of you having a blast! It is the first weekend in May and if you are following my schedule (come on, you know you are!) you will see that it is the weekend after Big Sur! And Big Sur is the weekend after Boston! My legs will be tired, but my heart will be full and I am really honored that she thought of me. If they will have my tired legs I will give them my all! Click on the link for the description, as I will not do the race any justice. It goes from Santa Cruz to Marin, crossing through some of the most scenic parts of Northern California - an experience not to miss!
  • Finally, I am doing NOTHING on Sunday! I am wicked stoked about this. I have been going non-stop every weekend through January and I haven't had a day at home just to gather myself and my house. This is especially important as I have a race this weekend, next weekend, and the following weekend! I am anxious to race as I haven't since Fresno, I just wish they were a little more spread out.

Well, that's all I got! I have had a huge week of mileage, it's a peak week for me and I am feeling it! I am hungry all the time and am already at 31 miles for the week with a race and some recovery runs still to go. Ahhh, marathon training!

To all you peeps tackling your long runs or racing this weekend, good luck! You're gonna rock it!
Happy Friday and Happy Running peeps!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sans Music

This is actually my 50th post!  I had no idea I would last this long, and I know many of you bloggers out there have said this yourselves.  But it is soooo true!  I was going to do a post of 50 things about me, but I won't bore you right now with that.  You'll have to wait to #100!  Thanks for reading as always, I really do enjoy connecting with all of you and from a runner who has no running buddies, it feels good to bounce my thoughts and ideas off of all of you...thanks a million :)

My last dozen or so runs have all been done with out me using my iPod.  This is quite the step for me.  When I first started exercising so long ago, I was merely walking on my treadmill.  I had my husband set it up in the living room right in front of the TV.  I would put on Food Network and make myself walk all the way through one 30 min episode.  Walking is boring if you have never had to do it for extended periods of time.  At the time though, I was just starting out.  I had no stamina and I had also just quit smoking so my lung capacity for anything over 4 mph on the treadmill was non-existent.  I would even put a towel right over the display board so I couldn't see how far I was going.  Soon, I would up my time on there to one 30 min show then 15 mins into the next, until finally I was walking about an hour and a half.  My point is, I couldn't have done it without the use of my TV.  I needed the distraction, I needed to zone out.  It's also funny, I trained for my first half marathon completely on that treadmill.  I only ran outside once before race day!  Crazy, I know...but I think I mentioned that I never had the thought cross my mind to head out doors!

Come race day, I knew I would need something to distract myself while tackling the mountains of Lake Tahoe.  (yes, I went big for my first half!)  My hubbs bought me an iPod and from there on out, pretty much every run I took I used my iPod.  There were times where I would try to run without it, but I couldn't bare the silence.  I needed the distraction.  Lately though, in light of my recent run-ins, I have been heading out the door sans iPod.  Often times this isn't such a big deal.  I have my chatty-kathy hubbs on the bike next to me.  But I don't drag him along for my shorter or medium-long runs, so I really need to pay extra attention to my surroundings.

Surprisingly, I have REALLY enjoyed not wearing my iPod.  I have begun to really enjoy the rhythmic noise of my feet hitting the ground, the sound of my breathing, and paying attention to the cars whizzing by.  I have also noticed that I am able to pick up my pace just a little bit more by simply listening to how I am breathing.  I know for sure what my exertion level is almost intuitively, I don't have to have the constant dialogue in my head of, "I think I am going to fast, wait, you're actually going to slow - pick it up Katie!"  I am able to really zone out and focus on my run...and so far, it's been wonderful.

So how about you guys, do you run with or without music?  Are you constantly without music or always having to wear your iPod?  Or do you go with how you're feeling that day?  Right now I am just going with how I feel when I lace up my shoes and really enjoying my runs.  I love running because it is my down time, it's my thinking time.  Not having the same playlist constantly running through my ears really lets me relax and embrace the moments I have for running.  So where are you at with your music and your runs?

I nailed my 14 miler on Monday, but I was exhausted yesterday!!  I had my usual 8 on the books for Tuesday and I got out there so I wouldn't be in any more mileage deficit.  It was raining, but it was also COLD!  I just couldn't get warm.  So the hubbs suggested I warm up on my treadmill before I head out and that was just what I needed.  I did a half mile on the dreadmill and then headed out the door to finish up.  It was really nice to already be warm and be able to hit the ground ready to tackle my workout.  Give it a shot all you peeps that live in the cold.  Even just a 1/4 mile can get your heart-rate up and the blood moving.

I have another medium long run on the books today and I am meeting the hubbs after work to get it done.  This is a week for ramping up mileage and I am feeling it!  I am hungry!  Ah, marathon training...don't ya love it!?

Happy Hump Day peeps and Happy Running!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Happy Post

Like the rest of you, I was tagged by my cousin Sarah to share with you all the 10 things that make me happy.  I could go on for days with the all the things that bring a smile to my face or give me that happy warm, fuzzy feeling we all love.  But I'll stick with 8 so not to bore you, too much :)

This guy right here!  Best running sherpa/partner/BFF a girl could ask for :)

My pooch and baby girl, Lilly - she melts me :)

New running shoes (or any new running gear)
These are my new trail shoes to be tested this Saturday!

My family :) (you knew it was coming)

Remembering this day - my BQ! 

I am a sucker for their accessibility - there is one on every corner where I live.
I love that first sip of coffee in the morning, and I enjoy a zillion more through out the day.  I think my record for most trips to a Starbucks in one day is 5! (Yes, very bad, but tax season brings out the worst in me!)

 I don't have a picture of this, it's more of a feeling.  I love the feeling of finishing a run.  It doesn't matter how crappy I feel when I head out the door, when I come back I am always a new person.  I love that feeling of finishing a race; of finishing a long hard run.  Nothing can describe it until you do it yourself, and it's what I seek every time I lace up my shoes.

I had a fantastic weekend of celebrating my birthday along with my SIL, Bro, Hubbs and some good friends all while wine tasting in Napa!  We rented a limo (had the same driver from NY's eve) and spent the day tasting at our favorite wineries.  I did manage to get two small runs in between Friday and Sunday.  I was going to do a long run on Sunday but lots of wine + a big dinner + staying up way too late = no long run!  We had a blast on Saturday, maybe a little too much,  and I can't share too many of the pics :)  Let's just say, no one will ever be able to run for public office! 

My friend Sarah and I in the limo -I think this was after the 3rd, or maybe it was the 4th winery :-)
I can upload more pics tomorrow, my SIL has the majority of them and the weather and scenery was just beautiful.  We are so spoiled to live so close to Napa!

I did manage to get in six miles with my hubbs and nephew while they rode their bikes next to me on Sunday.  My two favorite guys :)
6 miles  48:03  8:00/mi.  I had a major upset tummy when we headed out, but it was good to sweat some of the night before out of me :)  Plus, running along with my nephew was a blast!

I am going to head home from work today and tackle that long run.  I am exhausted but I need to make up the miles. (on a side note, already told the hubbs that the only thing I can make for dinner tonight is cereal, so if he wants something else he better plan accordingly!)  I want to hit 14-16 and I know that I will definitely ending up finishing in the dark.  I had a so-so running week, but every run was just off.  I think it was the combination of the weather and the busy time at work coming back. 

I have a trail race this Saturday I am very excited about.  This is a piece of the email the race director sent out to all the runners this weekend, "The 10K and Half Marathon courses will be the most "challenging" -- in other words, those runners will have plenty of opportunities to submerge their feet in mud and puddles and/or take multiple unplanned mud baths. "  Unplanned mud baths - should be a good time!

Have a wonderful Monday and Happy Running peeps!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Actually, when it comes to weather and running, I'm kind of a pansy.  I hate the extremes and probably am more of a fair-weather runner.  I HATE to be hot; I HATE to get soaked; I HATE to be cold.  In fact I know I am a pansy with my running compared to most of you living where you have snow and ice and humidity.  I just can't do it.  My mother lived all over the world as a young child and young adult with her family.  But when they came home to finally put down roots it was NorCal weather that brought them back.  You can often hear my mamma say, "we live in paradise."  It's true, most of the time the weather is perfect, we are actually quite spoiled.  Yes, earthquakes are always on our mind, especially in the wake of the devastation in Haiti.  But there are drawbacks to every "perfect" situation :)

Yesterday I just couldn't bear running on the treadmill again.  Two days of it and I was DONE!  But on my drive home from work yesterday with all the wind and rain there was a TORNADO warning!  WTH?  A tornado in South San Jose?  Are you kidding me?  When I think of tornados I think of Kansas and the mid-west, not the paradise I live in.  But I just couldn't brave the dreadmill and decided to bundle up and head out.  The hubbs bought me a new running vest on Monday and I was dying to try it out!  I have been playing with the layers to wear when it's cold and wet and hadn't found the right combo yet.  Well peeps, let me tell you, I am in love with my new running vest!

It's by Pearl iZumi and it kept me dry and the perfect temp!
I just wore a long sleeve shirt underneath and my running tights.  And yes, it was strong winds and rain and even at one point for about 10 mins I was being hit by hail!  But I didn't sweat, I wasn't cold and the vest kept me dry and comfy.  Plus the hubbs bought it at an outlet store - on sale!  Could it get any better?!  I didn't go out to make any records, just get the miles in and it was my slowest run in months.  But I felt HARDCORE as the cars passed me and I pushed on!
6 miles  49:36 - 8:16/mi   I really just went out and enjoyed the run.  No music and I hardly ever looked at my Garmin - only to check my distance.

Me and my vest - my new BFF :)

When I got home yesterday the lovely Jill had sent me a really nice birthday package.

The card, new running socks and a fun running magnet!

The awesome socks I wore on yesterday's run - felt great!  I think I am going to have to buy more!  Thanks again Jill!

This week has been just about maintaining some miles since the weather has been out of control!  I went to the gym on Tuesday (I have 30 days left) and did a great hill workout and even managed to lift some weights.  I forgot how much I enjoy it and I also realized I have really let it go.  I used to be able to lift a lot more over the summer but my arms have become soft :(  It's great motivation though and made the hubbs work into high gear to start looking at which weight set/system we're gonna buy.  I can't wait until it's in our house I can do it in the privacy of my own home and my only audience is Lilly :)

The weather should be clearing up here between today and the weekend so I am super excited.  I have a long run scheduled for the weekend that I am dying to get out and do on some different routes.  And, I should be receiving my new trail shoes in the mail today!  I have a trail run on the 30th of this month and knew I really needed shoes with more traction.  Last time I ran a trail course I was slipping and slidding all over in my regular running shoes.  Now I can get excited about the race.

It's almost Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend.  We're off to Napa on Saturday for wine tasting with my Bro, SIL and the same friends we celebrated New Year's with.  Should be a great time, we're celebrating my b-day and my SIL's.  I'll upload some pics and video tomorrow of the crazy surprise party.  And yes, I really do look as sweaty and messy as I thought I did :)

Happy Thursday and Happy Running peeps!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday Weekend Recap!

I know you have all been waiting on pins and needles to hear where the hubbs whisked me away to on Friday and I won't make you wait any longer!  He took me to the Happiest Place on Earth: DISNEYLAND!!  Now, I am sure some of you are thinking, Disneyland?  That's where he took her?  For her 30th?  But I assure you peeps, the man knows me well.  I am not a giant Disney freak, I don't wear Disney character clothing, I don't have Disney bumper stickers or decorate my house with Disney theamed crap, but I do really enjoy going to Disneyland.  It was something that my family did quite often when we were younger and I have a lot of fond memories there.  It had been a while since the two of us had been able to go together, too.  Actually, we hadn't been together in almost 3 years.  The sad part of that is, it was Ari's first time there.  Everyone at the time knew we were going, knew he was excited to go!  But that first morning when we went, his mother thought should would call us as we were walking into the Happiest Place on Earth and inform us his dad had just been diagnosed with brain cancer.  She knew we were excited to go.  She knew that she could probably wait until we got back a few days later, but she chose on that morning to tell us.  Well, the trip was a bust.  We couldn't get happy the entire time.  After one day in the park we came home.  She could have waited; there was nothing any of us could do at the time.  So as much as this trip was for me, I think Ari wanted a good go at Disneyland.  His dad just passed away this past July, we are healing and I think he wanted to go just as much as me.

Okay, done with the sad part, let's get on!  I got home Friday and he had everything packed except my running gear.  He did good actually.  The man knows me too well.  He still hadn't told me where we were going.  He told me once we got in the car I could start guessing.  But I knew already that we weren't going on a plane since my cosmetic bag and shoe bag were not securely packed.  Once we gassed up, I knew it.  I guessed right on the first try!  I had  feeling it was Disneyland or Vegas and once the bags were packed I was pretty sure.

I was already exhausted by the time we got in the car.  I had gotten up early Friday morning (4 am to be exact) to get my run in.  Just five miles, nice and easy.  He packed snacks and drinks and off we went.  It took us about 5 hours and it was a blast.  We got to reconnect, chat and get all excited about the weekend.  Traffic in L.A. blows if you have never been there.  But we arrived around 9 and headed off to dinner.

The next morning I got up and ran a quick 5 miles on the hotel dreadmill and we were off and in the park by 9 am!  Big mistake running right before you spend the entire day on your feet walking.  I was glad I got it done but I paid for it.  I don't think I stretched very well on Thursday after my long run since the party came as a surprise :) and then sitting in the car for five hours after being at work all day wasn't the best.  The muscle or tendon right behind my left knee is painful right now.  I am rolling and stretching and took Sunday and Monday off from running.  I am going to give it a go tonight - I need to run to burn off all the crap I ate in about 72 hours!

The park was NOT busy.  It was perfect!  No real crowds and surprisingly didn't see too many kids have the dreaded meltdown.  The weather was awesome, too.  About 60 in the morning and by mid-morning and afternoon low 70's - perfect t-shirt weather!  We rode all the rides a billion times and just generally enjoyed ourselves.  I am soooo glad he picked Disneyland.  I know it sounds cheesy, but it was relaxing and just what we needed.  He said he had contemplated Vegas but knew I am not a big fan.  The man did good, and I am sooo lucky.

Here are some pics from the weekend.  Notice we are dressed like summer in the middle of January.  We are getting a huge storm right now in California, and it didn't start raining on us in Disneyland until right before we left Sunday afternoon - perfect!

In line for the Teacups!

Ridding the Teacups!

I love the Teacups!

Hardly any crowds!

Lots of shots like this (holding the camera out ourselves)
In front of the Haunted Mansion!!

Day 2 - got soaked on this awful ride!

The Happiest Turkey on Earth - Obama pardon him this year :)

My FAV ride- the Matterhorn!  Got to ride it twice in a row because the couple in front were arguing and almost caused a crash with our bobsleds!

What can I say, I LOVE this ride!

On the Matterhorn - waiting for round 2!

It started to rain while we were leaving California Adventure and heading home.

I know I already said it, but the hubbs did good and I am sooo glad we got to spend our time together.  Between the surprise party and the surprise getaway, I am truly thankful for him.  He is a great running sherpa, too!

A couple of years ago, 2008 to be exact, my sister and I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon.  It was a blast and the medal was soooo coool!  After being down there, I think I am contemplating running it again.  It's over labor day weekend, the first weekend in September.  The only prob is that I have Lake Tahoe full later in the month.  After race fees and hotels, it might be a bit over the top.  The hubbs is saying "do it, do 'em both," but I am going to sit on this for a bit.  Anyone else wanna run Disney Half?  It was a blast the first time, great course and awesome amenities.  Plus, the Happiest Place on Earth!

Its pouring raining here, so I think I will be on the dreadmill tonight.  I can do rain, but I can't do WIND and rain!  60+ mph gusts of wind they are predicting and that just is NOT fun to run in.  Thank you again for all the birthday wishes, you guys are awesome!  I am truly in awe every time I blog or read another blog of how supportive we all are of one another.  Whether its good times or bad, I always appreciate all the support - THANK YOU!  I promise to get caught up on all of your blogs this week!

Happy Tuesday and Happy Running peeps!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Quick Update- cuz it's Friday!!!

Instead of my usual drawn-out blabber that I am sure you allllll love to read soooo much, I'm gonna do a quick rundown of the last 24 hours and then sign off 'till Monday.  I don't think I will have access to my laptop while we're gone (he already said its a no) so I apologize in advance if I don't get to check in with all of you over the weekend.  I'll update my FB status on the secret location and fill you in on the details (well, most of them :)  ) on Monday.

I left work early yesterday, around 12:30 to head home and get my long run in.  I had major tummy issues and waited until about 2:30 before we headed over to the Los Gatos Creek Trail to get it in.  Love this trail, it's all uphill on the way out and downhill on the way back which gave me a 3 min negative split!  Love it!

13 miles  1:43:46 - 7:59/mi pace.  I hit the 8 mile mark at just over 1:04:00 and I felt great.  When we finished I could have kept going.  The weather was perfect, shorts and my sports bra.  I puffy heart NorCal January weather :)

When we finished I was starved!  So he suggested we grab some dinner and then pick up the pooch.  He really wanted to get home and get out of his bike shorts but I choose to stay in my clothes and just get the eating over with!  I decided to invite my rents with me because I knew I wouldn't see them today.  Big fail on my part for not taking a shower when he suggested it like a bizillion times!  When we got to my parents they weren't ready yet so we had to go in which was a huge annoyance on my part!  I was hungry, didn't they know I just ran 13 miles!  So I got out of the car and headed in and much to my SURPRISE, the hubbs planned a surprise party for me!  I was shocked!  Everyone was there!  The MIL, the BFF and her hubbs, my Bro and SIL and nephew came in from Sac, my auntie and Uncle, another good girlfriend and of course, the sister and her new BF, the rents and Ari.  I was soooo surprised!  And mad he didn't insist more that I take a shower!  I was a mess but sooo excited to see everyone.  He did good - I never suspected a thing!

We had fondue, my favorite, choco cake and my favorite beer.  Just perfect.  The hubbs did good!  Thanks Ari if you're reading.  He really helped me while I ran that afternoon - I had to stop a couple of times since my tummy was acting up but he kept the encouragement coming and I finished strong!  And, the b-day party.  It was pefect! 

So I have a quick work day and then we're off to "who knows where?"  No one at the party knows where we're going and it was killing them all, too!  I'll fill ya all in on the flip side with pics and details!

To all you peeps racing this week or tackling the long run, good luck!
Happy Friday peeps and Happy Running!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Done with they Gym!

I would like to think that I am a pretty nice person and that it usually takes a lot for me to get all worked up about something.*  I know that life is short and that is isn't worth getting upset over insignificant things or things we just cannot change.  But last night I had had enough of my gym!  I go to the local 24 Hour fitness, it's 1/2 a mile away, and often times in the summer I run there and back because the parking is just awful.  I've been a member for about 2 1/2 years and have used it pretty consistently.  It's funny, I know a ton of the members by face, I know all their quirks (you have a lot of time to people watch when your slugging out 12 mile runs on a treadmill), and you also know who are actually  there to make a difference in their lives or the ones who go there for the social aspect.

But lately it has gone down hill there.  They are pushing the personal trainer thing a bit too much.  They only have one area of mats for stretching and using things like medicine balls and stability balls, and often times you are competing for space with the personal trainers who are on the mats too, to show their clients (or in some cases, just checking their blackberries or chatting with their friends as they half-ass coach their clients) what their next move is.  Treadmills are always broken, weight machines are caput, and their just isn't enough machines in the building for the amount of people they let in during the evening so you can wait for a good 10-20 mins for a treadmill or machine. 

I know your asking, "Don't you have a treadmill at home Katie?"  Why, yes I do!  But I go through these phases where I can't stand the gym, or I can't stand my home treadmill, or gosh, should I say it?   I can't stand going outside and hitting the pavement on the same routes again!  Plus, I don't exactly have the weight lifting equipment at home.  A few hand weights, a yoga mat, and one of those big stability balls does not a home gym make.  My husband also uses the gym quite often, at least 4-5 times a week.  My treadmill doesn't like him, and he really loves to use the stationary bikes and weight machines - neither of which we have.

So after my nine miler last night, the hubbs wanted me to lift some weights and do some ab work with him.  We headed over to the gym at around 5:30 and what a mistake that was!  They have moved the whole gym around to accommodate the personal training sessions they are pushing.  Because, as you know, January is the month for all of those NY resolution makers who have vowed to get in shape and just have to do it with a personal trainer!  They took away the stretching mats, moved out quite a few stationary bikes and moved the ab machines over to where the stretching mats used to be.  WTF was all I could say?  They didn't consult me on this?  What were they thinking!  I blew a gasket!  I was sooo mad!  I know!  Crazy to get all worked up at a gym changing things around!  But I am not good with change in the first place, and they changed it to suck even more!   

I have been quite jealous of Aron's home gym since she first posted about it a couple of months ago, and now that she just posted about it again, I have really been thinking about doing it at our house.  We have four bedrooms, one of which houses my treadmill and a tv.  There is enough room for our own little home gym.  When I walked in yesterday when the gym was packed and all moved around I was done!  I canceled my membership on the spot and vowed to get a new treadmill this week, a weight machine and stationary bike  and fix that room up.  I think this was the swift kick in the butt we needed.  We spend $70 a month on that membership - I can think of a TON of other ways to spend $70!

So while I kind-of blew a gasket right their in 24 hour fitness (BTW, I don't think anyone noticed, it was so busy I just blended in with all the other crazies in the building) I think it was what we needed.  Ari just nodded his head in agreement and got on Craig's List last night looking for equipment.  He has always complained about that $70 automatic debit out of our account each month even though he used the gym quite frequently.  I am a bit sad that I won't get to run with my priest Fr. Jon for a while, and sad I won't get to see all of my usual gym rats that have kept me VERY entertained for 2 1/2 years, but I am more worried about what I am going to do when my home gym is buggin me or it's raining, or it's cold out.  I am sure if I remind myself I'm not spending $70 a month at that crap hole will be enough to get me to jump on my own treadmill at home.

So that was the long and short of it - I dumped my gym and am moving on.  Thanks 24 Hour Fitness for the last 2 1/2 years.  I was never that happy there in the first place, but it served it's purpose when it needed to.  I'm heading home early today for my long run - 14 miles to be exact - since I can't chance not being able to do it this weekend due to the lack of information my hubbs is still withholding.  Funny, it's driving my mom nuts, too!  Ari drops Lilly off everyday at my 'rents for doggy day care and he gets drilled every.single.morning. about where he is taking me.  I told him she is probably worried you're gonna take me out to the middle of no where and chop me into a million pieces! (I kid, I kid!) He laughed and said, "Oh no!  You guessed it, we're going fishing in the delta!"**  Oh, he is a very, very bad man!

Happy Thursday pees and Happy Running!
*I am a redhead after all. I may be nice, but I am an Irish redhead who does have a temper and does have my moments :)
**Very poor joke on his part - if you're from the Bay Area you probably got the joke.  Very, very bad (but I laughed - he is sooo funny!)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wet and Soggy!

Boston training started this week, and I am off to a so-so start.  Monday I had no desire to run at all.  I think I had a case of those Monday blues I have talked about oh so many times :), but I just kept thinking, "Boston, Boston, Boston," and oh yeah, that other little race, "Big Sur, Big Sur, Big Sur."  So I got my butt out and ran 6 of the eight miles I had on the schedule.  I don't often skip what's on my training schedule, but I knew that I needed to get out there no matter what and I I got out there, started running, and let my legs tell me how long I could go.

6 miles -  46:18  7:42/mi pace.  This often happens to me, on the days I just don't want to run, my legs kick in and go fast to just get it done!

I should have relished that run more on Monday. The weather was perfect, low 50's, clear sky, and no where to be once I got home.  But I didn't and I was kicking myself yesterday when I went home to run.  It didn't rain all afternoon, but by the time I got in the car to go home for my run, it was pouring buckets out!  I should have known.  Kind-of like when you wash your car one day and it rains the next.   My hubbs got me some really nice rain gear from Asics this year, a jacket and pants.  I really like that the jacket is bright yellow and has lots of reflective stuff all over it, but although it keeps me pretty dry, the material doesn't breathe so well.  I sweat awful in it.  So when I finished my run last night, although I was wasn't wet from the rain, I was soaked with sweat!  I was almost too hot as I ran last night and I know that slowed me town a ton.  Maybe this is too much info, but heck it's my blog and I don't care, when I took my sports bra off it was sopping wet!  It was a bear to get off!  So, for all you peeps out there that deal with rain more than we NorCal peeps do, what do you use to stay dry in the rain?  What jacket or clothes do you wear that keeps you dry but allows you to breathe?  I need something 'cuz our "rainy" season is upon us and thought of hitting the treadmill right now just bums me out.

I managed 9 miles last night.  9 long, wet, cold and dark miles.  I run down a six lane road and it can get a bit dicey there once people are heading home.  By the time I finished at 5:30 it was pitch black out and even though I had my little light on, I still felt a little nervous running in the bike lane.

9 miles 1:12:27  8:03/mile 

I had the hubbs take a picture of me when I got home as I was one soaked runner.  Sorry, he took it on my phone and the quality isn't all that fab, but I tell you, I was wet!

I am also back to dealing with some tummy issues when running.  I really battled this when I first started running.  But it is back and rearing its ugly head.  Often times I have a sour stomach when I start my runs and have to deal with a feeling of nausea the whole time.  Or other times, like last night, my tummy felt fine, but mile 5 I had to go!  It is awful having to stop a run to "go," and then have to start up again so often times I just grit my teeth and battle on.  I don't know what has changed.  My diet is pretty consistent, not counting the entire birthday cake my hubbs and I polished off this weekend, I am boring like that.  I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day, and dinner consists of the same 7 meals just mixed up during the weeks.  I'm not stressing too much yet so I don't think it's that.  And my tummy issues I had discussed a few weeks back, I am on medication to combat that.  So I guess what I am trying to say, does anyone else deal with the runner's trots? (Gah, I hate that term! - but it's true!)  And if you do, is it consistent or come and go like mine?  I can go weeks with no issues at all!  I can run an entire marathon without having to stop!  But sometimes I can't get three miles into a run without having to deal with it.  Any suggestions would be great!

My hubbs and I are going away for the weekend.  It's my birthday, the big 3-0, and he has planned the whole thing.  He won't tell me where we are going and it's killing me!  I am a planner!  I need to know!  I asked him last night if where we were going if I would be able to get my long run in at some point, and his snotty answer was, "I can't tell you."  WTH?  I am training dude!  I gotta plan!  And when I asked him what kind of clothes I should pack, he told me he would pack!  WTF?  He hasn't packed a bag since we started dating!  He forgets everything!!!  I am already an over packer as it is, so I guess he won't mind carrying double the luggage!  I have decided that I am going to leave work early tomorrow to go home and get the long run done.  I can't risk missing it all for the sake of a surprise.  I am not good at surprises, I am a planner, and it's killing me!!

Its hump day peeps, half way through the week.  I have 7 miles for tonight and 14 for tomorrow.  Let's hope the rain lets up for me tomorrow :)
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Happy Wednesday and Happy Running!

Monday, January 11, 2010


I have been MIA for what seems like forever in the bloggy land!  I am sooo sorry for the lack of comments, but I spent last Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday in bed nursing a cold.  It was awful.  I haven't been sick in so long and I forgot how crappy it can be!  This cold was the kind that just knocks you down, I had zero energy to do much.  The cold symptoms weren't as bad compared to the fact that I had little to no desire but to do anything! 

But in true type A, crazy runner fashion, I still managed to get my runs in.  That was pretty much all I did.  I would sleep in, have some breakfast and then head over to the gym to slog out the miles.  Then it was home for a shower and back to bed to watch all the awful daytime TV I could handle.  I will say though, being home sick does allow you to get caught up on all of your DVR shows!  Score!

I am officially starting BOSTON training today and couldn't be more excited!  Last week I some-what followed the training plan for week one, so I guess you could kind-of say that it started last week.  I am happy to report I got in 40 miles and even managed a long run and a 25 mile bike ride and brick workout!  Whoo hoo!

Wednesday I came home early from work and decided I still needed to get my miles in.  Like a crazy woman, I managed to get my 7 miles in with the speedwork.
7 miles 53:32  -  1 mile warm up at 8:00/mi pace,  5 miles at 7:30/mi pace and 1 mile cool down at 8:32/mi pace. 
I was spent after this!  I felt like I was gonna puke the whole time, but damn it!  I had speedwork to do and I got it done!

Thursday and Friday I just did five miles each at 8:00/mi pace and got the heck out of the gym.  On Saturday I was feeling much better but not wanting to run.  So the hubbs and I got on our bikes and headed over to a really beautiful trail, the Coyote Creek trail and rode for 25 miles!  My butt is still sore!  This is one of my favorite trails to run on, too.  It is challenging with lots of rolling hills.  When we were done, I got off my bike and hit the trails for three miles.  Wow!  What a workout!  I have so much respect for you tri people!  Those were miserable miles but felt oh soooo good!  I managed the three miles in just over 25 mins or about 8:30/mi pace.  I hope to do that again really soon!  Great cross training!

Finally Sunday I knew I had to do a long run.  And I was actually feeling pretty good.  So after Mass my hubbs and I headed out. 
14 miles  1:53:38   8:07/mi pace   I hit this one dead on.  I wanted to keep an 8:00/mi pace and I think I came pretty darn close!  I am shooting for a low 3:30 finish time in Boston, so I am going to keep trying to have my long runs in the pace and time.  I was wiped at the end, but I am not sure if that was because I am still recovering from my cold or it was just plain cold out and a hard run.

I have a quick question for all you running peeps.  As you all know I am doing the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge.  As you can see, I will be racing on a Monday and then back for another marathon on the following Sunday - less than six days later.  Yes, I know I am crazy for taking it on.  But I am wicked excited!  A once in a life-time experience.  My question is though...should I train any different?  Should I maybe be adding in some double days?  Should I just focus on Boston and then hope to survive Big Sur?  I know I will not be pulling out any great time in Big Sur, but I also don't want to be completely misserable.  So what are your thoughts on this...any suggestions or thoughts are welcome!

I am back to the grindstone this week.  The weather here in NorCal is perfect for running, low to mid 50's.  My week should look a lot like last week so I know what is ahead for me.  I am soooo behind in my Google reader but I promise to catch up everyone!  Congrats to all you peeps that raced this weekend!   From what I hear, you all did awesome!

Have a great Monday!  Happy Running!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Reality

Ugh, I hate Mondays.  If you didn't already know this about me, I dread Mondays.  They are the worst day of the week for me.  I get all depressed come Sunday afternoon and the blah's just don't go away until I wake up on Tuesday morning and celebrate that I made it through another Monday.  And coming back from a really awesome weekend, it makes it especially difficult to face Monday.  And to make matters worse, with the end of the Holidays, I have some new realities setting in.  In just a few short weeks I will be back in full swing tax season mode, and as much as I LOVE my job, I really hate the long hours that it demands.  Thankfully tax season is only a couple of months long and the rest of the year is pretty lax, but looking ahead and staring down the face of tax season is quite daunting for this chica.

Okay, enough with the doom and gloom.  I had an AWESOME weekend!  New Year's Eve was fantastic!  I had a blast with my Bro, SIL, hubbs and some really good friends.  We partied way tooooo much but it was sooo worth it!  Let's just say, if I never see another Markers Mark and diet coke for about six months that will be okay with me!  We had the limo takes us all over downtown Sacramento and we even watched the fireworks go off - a big highlight of the evening.  But it was just perfect to spend the evening ringing in the New Year with some of the best family and friends a girl could ask for :)

Ari and I - sorry it's a bit blurry!  I think the car was moving, there were drinks consumed and it was taken on my blackberry!

My good friend Sarah and I - we all had a pair of those light up glasses that said 2010 and blinked like crazy!  They were a constant source of laughter!

Friday, New Year's day, after sleeping in for about 5 hours (yes, five hours! we didn't get home until 3 am!!) my hubbs and I headed up to Tahoe for the weekend.  What a mistake that was.  The town was packed with people!  Traffic to get anywhere was terrible and you could tell the locals were just done (we had bad service everywhere we went).  We decided though, to enjoy ourselves.  By the time we got up there the weather was perfect for running, about 40 degrees.  I have always run on New Years Day and I wasn't going to let a hangover stop me.  I logged about four miles and felt great.  I didn't turn on my Garmin just went for a run and had a blast. 

Saturday we got up and headed over to Heavenly to snowboard.  I am not a big fan of this resort.  It is a huge tourist trap and you get a lot of beginners trying to tackle this big mountain.  On a non-holiday it is even busy but this day was even crazier.  We had tickets already for there so we decided to give it a shot.  We were the first ones on the Gondola and the first on a few of the lifts.  But by noon the place was out of control and I was tired of dodging people.  So I decided to head back down the mountain and go for a run while Ari finished up a few more runs.  I was soooo glad I did this.  The weather was awesome again and my legs felt surprisingly fresh even though I had just snowboarded for over three hours!  I wonder what kind-of a workout you would call that?  It was definitely a duo day!

I ran 6 miles up and down Lake Tahoe Blvd in 47:38  7:56/mi pace.  I didn't want to venture too far while I waited for Ari to come down the mountain, so I did 1.5 mile stretches back and forth.  All the while eating car and bus fumes.  But my legs felt great and the altitude wasn't too bad - I might actually be getting used to it!  If you look closely you can see the mountains in the background.  But you can also notice that there isn't much snow on the ground here - they have been getting warm temps in the afternoon - not good for snowboarding!

We headed home on Saturday afternoon and it took us FOREVER!  We thought we would be beating the traffic by leaving Saturday, but we were wrong!  It normally takes about 3:45-4:00 hours to get home, but it took us 5 1/2 hours!  Traffic was bad.  We made mental notes never to go to Tahoe on NY weekend again :(

I am sooo excited to start my training.  Only 15 weeks to Boston!  I am going to continue to do base work for a couple of weeks and then jump into the full training schedule around 12-13 weeks out.  16 weeks is just too long of a cycle for me.

I hope everyone had a fabulous NY Eve and day and I am excited to see what 2010 has in store for all of us.  Have a great Monday peeps (I'm gonna try)!
Happy Running!