Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nothin' Exciting

The last few days and really weeks, nothing too exciting happening in this Redhead's life.  Running is good, the job is eh, well we'll leave it at I have a job, and in general life has been pretty dang fab - fab in the sense that everything is just plugging along and moving.  I'm enjoying my runs, enjoying the summer weather (when it's NOT 90 degrees!) and looking forward to some fun races I have next month.  I guess it is a good thing when life is a bit boring, it makes you stop and realize that things aren't so bad :)

The week is early and I moved some things around on my schedule to get in an extra speed session this week to make up for the one I missed last week.  I really do love track work, it makes the time go by soooo fast!  On Monday I headed to the sauna gym to get my track work done since it was pushing 90 out all afternoon.  They swore up and down the air con was on, but I swear to you, it felt even worse inside!  I did 5x800's and finished up the workout at 7 miles.  Not too bad.  In fact, the good warm up and cool down I did made my legs feel like they could have kept going!

Fast forward to yesterday, and my legs were dead!  I guess that's a sign of a good workout?  I headed back to the gym again to get my run on and then lift some weights.  Uh yeah, I lasted 4 miles in that sauna/gym with my tired legs and called it a day!  After some weights and abs, I was a soaking wet mess!  I know I'm already an abnormally sweaty runner, but man, this was bad!  I thought about taking a picture, but then I thought, I don't think I needed to subject any of you to that!

Not sure if any of you have ever used the website to find a running group, but I joined almost a year ago and have only attended maybe two meetups.  The people are nice enough, but the times I went everyone was really slow and doing different distances than I so I didn't go back.  But the nice thing about being signed up with a meetup group is that they constantly send you emails for future or upcoming meetup events.  I got one yesterday for a long trail run meetup right in my backyard for Saturday on a trail I have been meaning to try for a really long time.  I decided to give it a shot.  And the cool thing is, many of the peeps are going to start earlier and tack on some miles, exactly what I need.  Go over and checkout, they have a ton of different groups all over the country for everything to running name it!  It's a great way to meet people and the nice thing is, you can come and go as you please.

That's all I got for the Hump Day Wednesday!  And a special shout-out to my cousin Sarah today: Happy Birthday girlie - love ya!!!
Happy Wednesday and Happy Running peeps!


Katie said...

OOoh, have fun trail running!!! & why no sweaty pics? I posted an amazingly hot picture of my fat lip. :p

Tricia said...

Very cool, I've used for a "mommys group". I never thought about using it for running.

Denise said...

i never heard of that group but i'm going to check it out.

i'm glad everything is going well for you right now...sounds like you're in a good place and enjoying life!

Sarah said...

Aww thanks for the birthday shoutout! :)

I hear you on things being pretty fab right now. I'm going to enjoy it! And can't wait to hear about your meetup this weekend. I keep seeing posts but with my sched is always hard to do any. I hope someday!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Hmmmm another way to meet runners?? I should try it..

Hugs to things slowing down a bit.

Heather said...

It's about 800 degrees in my office today. I should start running around in circles - I'm already sweating enough.

Happy birthday to your cousin. Have fun with the trail run this weekend!

Kristen said...

I wish I had thought about meetup a while back since I know no runners here in Sac! Luckily though I am moving to the bay so I can run with all of you.

Hope you have fun Saturday! Happy Birthday to your cousin!

Anonymous said...

I never heard of the meet ups site...I might look into that. My teammates aren't always around and I do so much better with someone!

Jill said...

Hey Sweetums,
I just mostly wanted to say hi so you knew I read your blog...but we've talked about most of this so not much to comment on...hehe. I got new shoes today and praying they are the magical cure for my heel so I can get my booty out there and see ya next month!! Let's chat soon! XOXO
Oh, the trail run sounds so much fun, you gotta go do it!! xo again!

L.B. said...

Damn, I don't think we'd be compatible running buddies.

Some Random Person: Hey Katie, how was your run with LB?

Katie: He was nice enough but he was really slow and did a different distance than I so I'm not going back.

Pining for Pinterest said...

I hope you are having a great week :)

Jen Feeny said...

Glad you're having a fab week and realizing that boring life = fantastic!

I love and thanks for reminding me about it! I gotta find me some Michigan running groups!!!

Have fun this weekend!

Jess said...

Sometimes, having "nothing" going on is a great thing!