Thursday, October 8, 2009

7 Miles of Maroon 5

The boss is out sick today.  And even though we are wicked busy, the road was calling me!  I left just after 1 pm, after I had my lunch and took care of the critical stuff.  I wanted to get out and enjoy the early afternoon weather because next week calls for rain Monday through Wednesday.
Oh yes, it was very carpe diem for me, and run I did!  I don't usually skip out of work, in fact, I felt a little guilty there for a bit.  But soon that all melted away as I sliped on my running shoes and headed out the door.  My ankle/tendon thing is feeling great, and I almost feel like I am trying to make up for 9 lost days. 
I had every intention of just running to see how I felt, no required mileage or pace.  I haven't even looked at my training plan all week, which is very unusal for me.  I always follow it to a "T", never missing a work out.  But I had to let that go this past couple of weeks and let my leg and my body tell me what it was up for.  It's hard to be a smart runner.  Runners are notorious for just running through injury or pain.  For some reason though, with this injury, I finally took a step back and let myself really heal.  Maybe I am becoming a more mature runner, or maybe I am just getting more mature as a person! Gasp!  It's hard to be a smart adult, too!
I had every intention of taking it easy when I went out, but my legs did not want to hold back so I let them go!  I warmed up for about half a mile then took off.  I knew I wanted to do about 7 miles, so I ddi one of my out and back loops with a hill in between.  

First 3.5 miles in 27:50  7:57/mi pace - not bad!
Second 3.5 miles in 28:05  8:01/mi pace - it was windy on the way back - cut a girl some slack!
Total: 7 miles in 55:55  7:59/mi pace

Really, I had no intention of going out that fast, but my legs felt great and I totally could have kept going.  I just didn't want to push it, I am trying to increase my mileage this week slowly so not to over use the tendon too much.  Yesterday I got in 5 miles in 41:22  8:16/mi pace.  That felt awesome too and I worked at holding back.
Today I really felt like my speed is finally matching my effort.  After Tahoe my heart and mind was in the tubes thinking that my BQ was unreachable.  But I finally feel that if I keep with my plan again next week things will again fall in to place.

The proof is in the Garmin!

A very glamours pic of me after 7 miles!

You're probably wondering why my post is called 7 miles of Maroon 5.  Well, I listened to Maroon 5 the whole time.  I always zone out as I listen to them and let my feet take control.  I always find that when I listen to a CD that I know EVERY single word to, I can zone out and sing and not think about what the task at hand is.  Those are the best runs.
My plan for the weekend includes a couple of long-ish runs I think.  I am hoping to do at least a 12 miler in there, and hopefully a 10.  The only problem is I have two dates this weekend!  Wait, that came out wrong!  One is with another couple and the other is with a good girl friend!  I married people! Sheesh!  Friday night I am going to hear my friend's band play.  It doesn't start until 9 pm!  I am alseep by then usually!  I hope I can stay awake!  And Satruday night I have a girly date with one of my best girl friends from college.  Maybe she won't mind calling it an early night? Ha!  At least now the weather will allow us to go out in the morning a bit later.  I don't have to comprimise sleeping in just to beat the heat! I {heart} fall!
To all the peeps racing this weekend, good luck!  Rock it!
And to all the peeps heading out to Chicago, enjoy the ride! 
You're gonna do awesome Redhead!  And keep an eye on her Beth!
Happy running!


RunToTheFinish said...

heck yeah, let's hear it for not following a plan once in a while!! I think it is so necessary to keep the running love alive!!

any tips for me on learning to be speedy like you?

Tara said...

Niiiice paces girl!

Sarah said...

WOW I'm so impressed by your running skills! I would love to be able to run 8 minute miles, hell even 9 minute would make me happy. Especially since it would mean I could take B on runs. Right now she is only happy for maybe 20 minutes in the jogger, so that only lets me get in 2 miles tops. Right now probably not even that much. I'm workin on it though! You are such an inspiration! :)