Thursday, October 29, 2009


I know that this is not a new topic for any runner.  We are all super careful especially when we have races in the near future.  But, me on the other hand, I have noticed that I may be taking this a little too far to the extreme! Yes, this may be an over-share, but come on, we all have our "quirks!"

Example one:  I am a tax accountant.  *let the jokes begin*  And I touch people's grubby paperwork all day!  God knows what they are doing while they are compiling all their 1099's, W-2's and interest statements!  I can only imagine!  Plus, then I have to shake their hands when they come to my office and let them breathe all over me and my desk!  And it's even worst when I have to go their office!  I get so worried and don't want to touch a thing!  The result of all of this, I wash my hands a million times a day!  No, it's note quite OCD yet.  Okay, maybe it is.  But a girl has to protect herself!  I've spent a ton of money on race fees!

Example two: The bathroom we have at work is shared with the office next door.  It is in a common lobby.  This means that not only do the urchins next door have access to it (it's unisex, too!) but so do all my lovely clients and joe-shmos who come in off the street!  I literally put down two ass-gaskets.   The other weird thing I do, don't laugh, is that I pull the toilet paper off that has been exposed - at least the first 5 sheets.  Then I use the "fresh" ones behind it.  Yes, I know.  A bit over the top.  But you really have to see some of my office mates, and again, the urchins in the next office over to really appreciate this.  I also wash my hands (at least 30 seconds), turn off the faucet with the paper towels and then open the door with the same paper towl so that I don't have to touch a thing!

Example three: I have taken to not touching any public door handles at all costs.  I waited yesterday at Sbux for someone to come in ahead of me so that I didn't have to touch the handles! And if I do, I head to the bathroom and wash my hands and then use the paper towel to open it on my way out.  Okay, okay.  This one is bad! I know! But I am on high alert here people!  I swear I can hear everyone who sniffles, sneezes or coughs within a one mile radius!  I have a big race on the 8th of November, I am hoping to BQ.  And so help me, if I am sick!  Heads will be rolling!

I have been sucking down Emergen-C* like no-one's business and really trying to get to bed extra early.  Last night though, I had to hit the park for a run.  It's been cold and windy here, but I really couldn't do the dreadmill one more day!  I had run on it on Monday and Tuesday because of the wind, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it yesterday.  So I braved the wind and had my hubbs head out with me. 

It was an awful run.  I just couldn't find my groove what-so-ever.  I was cold, it was windy, my stomach was in knots, and everything was just off.  I think I maybe had one mile total of zen running.  The other 5 miles were just a dread.  I should have just stayed in!
6 miles 46:30  7:45/mi 

Monday and Tuesday I hit the treadmill and got some recovery miles in.  It was probably a good thing I stayed in those days, as my legs have just been tired this week.  After Sunday's race I haven't been feeling 100%.  I think it is the combination of all this racing and the cold finally settling in.
Monday 6 miles 48:12  8:01/mi
Tuesday 10 miles 1:18:21  7:51/mi

It was really just get the miles down this week.  I am trying to get one more long run in tonight.  Probably shooting for a 20 miler.  I may start on my dreadmill and then head out.  I don't think I should do any kind of taper for nex week, but we'll see how my legs feel after Saturday.  The race on Saturday has some pretty crazy rolling hills.  I maybe a little chewed up.

All I keep dreaming about is the Fresno marathon.  After yesterday's run I was having serious doubts.  But my hubbs reminded me,  I do really well in race settings.  And I also do really well when I know what the end will look like.  On my training runs, sometimes I can't mentally wrap myself around any of that.  I really need to work on that!

Hope everyone has an awesome Thursday!  I love Thursday's, you can almost taste Friday!
I will leave you a picture of my baby girl Lilly.  Monday was her 5th birthday and we just had to celebrate.  (Yes, all you peeps with kids.  This is what crazy dog people do when they don't have kids yet! Cut us some slack! Enjoy!)

Happy Running peeps!


shellyrm said...

OMGosh! funny funny funny! I am so guilty of doing that stuff too. Thanks for the laughter, it will help keep me healthy. Stay strong for your race.

Sarah said...

OK first off the fact Lilly has a birthday shirt totally made me laugh. I love that you are such a freak over your dog! :)

Second, I do some of that germ-avoidance stuff too. It's hard not to with the farm flu and everything that's going around and just not knowing how careful or clean other people are being. I'm even worse because I don't want to bring it home to B. So don't feel bad, you really aren't the only one!

Last, you are a serious running maniac and I love it. I can't wait to hear how the run (and wine drinking) goes this weekend. I have a feeling you are going to be rarin to get to Fresno and have this BQ off your shoulders once and for all! You can do it!! We're cheering you on from here. :)

Morgan said...

OMG I was a total FREAK before Chicago! Airborne every morning, hand sanitizer kept in my pocket to use 5,255,274,645,721,083 times throughout the day... Emergen-C... We've all been there. I even brought a travel spray of lysol and disinfected my airplane seat. I contemplated spraying the snotty child in front of me too...

Tara said...

I'm with you girl. NO germs are getting on this chick! I suck on the zinc and vitamin c tabs too.

Happy Birthday to Lilly! What a pretty girl she is. And I love her shirt.