Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hump Day Randomness

It's Wednesday peeps, which means it's hump day!  Which also means only three work days left before a three day weekend!   Funny, these three work days are going to drag while I am almost certain my three day weekend will fly by!  Ce la vie!

Nothing really exciting going on here with me.  I got a crazy good track workout in last night, 10x400 @ 6:30/mi pace.  They felt great!  I did a 400 cool down lap in between each around a 7:45/mi pace.  It's amazing how slow that 7:45 feels when you have been hauling a$$ around the track a minute and fifteen seconds faster!  I also will let you all know I did a two mile warm up before hand and a one mile cool down afterwards.  You were right, I hit the track a lot more ready and felt a ton better when it was done :) 

Finally, Mel - Tall Mom, hit me with that award that's going around - The Versatile Blogger Award - thanks Mel!
So, here they are - 7 random facts about me :)

1. I took the written driver's test 7 times before I passed and got my permit.  I was a straight "A" student in high school but every time I would go to take it I would blank and forget everything!  The 8th time I got a repeat test and got 100%!  When I took the actual behind the wheel test, I got 98% - he dinged me for not turning my directional on far enough out!  I'm a pretty decent driver but that 7 test thing is still a source of humor for my family :)
2. I played soccer all the way until my sophomore year of H.S. I had played golf since the age of 10 and my school finally started a golf team that year so I joined.  Yes, the golf team was super geeky, but I had a blast!  And we practiced at a ritzy golf club near by which made it that much more sweet!  Almost everyone in my fam is golfers, aside from my parents, and I love to just go to the range and hit a bucket of balls.
3. I drink a ton of coffee.  And by ton...I mean a TON!  I stop and get a venti coffee every morning on my way to work.  That lasts me until around 8 am when I brew another pot at work and have a few more cups.  I also usually also stop on my lunch hour or when I'm out visiting clients and get another venti size, iced or hot.  I do drink a lot, but I also am drinking water the whole time in between.  I love coffee in any way, shape or form.  There isn't anything like a big iced coffee in the afternoon to perk you up!
4. When I started college my major was theology.  I loved the classes but by sophomore year realized that my only option with that degree was being a professor.  I love school, love, love being a student, but I didn't want to teach.  I changed my major that year to Business and Accounting.  NO ONE ever thought I would take that road!  And neither did I!  Talk about clashing majors!  But I enjoy what I do and am an accountant through and through :)
5. My favorite shows on TV right now are How I Met Your Mother and House.  Unfortunately, they both air at the same time on the same night.  I am also not one to watch much "live" TV, I DVR most everything.  I HATE commercials and just don't have the patience for regular TV.  With that being said, I do watch a lot of Food Network (usually on in the background), but other than that and my daily dose of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Colbert Report, not a ton of TV watching takes place at our pad.
6. My hubbs and I are in the midst of planning our vacay to Hawaii for Thanksgiving.  I vowed not to be responsible for everyone's Thanksgiving this year after the crap I dealt with last year.  So, I am planning on having my turkey with a side of pineapple and if my fam wants to celebrate with us, they will have to hop on a plane and come to Maui.  Only...I'm not going to tell them where we are staying! LOL!
7. Next week my niece is graduating from H.S.  She just turned 18.  Yes, I have an 18 year old niece.  Actually, the comical part is that my 21 year old sister has an 18 year old niece!  We are very proud of her and we are flying to Portland next week to celebrate - can't wait to see her!

I'm supposed to pass this on to 15 other peeps, but I think I'm the last to be awarded and most everyone has already done this.  But, if you haven't been tagged or have been slacking on the 7 things to post - consider yourself tagged!  It's hard to come up with 7 random things but it is so fun to read about all you bloggy peeps :)

I'm really loving being back in marathon training, I love crossing off my completed workouts on a calendar!  I'm just hungry all the time! LOL!
Happy hump day peeps and Happy Running :)
P.S. Head on over to my buddy Jamoosh's page and check out some cool giveaways he has for SOCKS a RoadID gift certificate and a Zombie Runner gift certificate.  Tell him I sent you :)


Staci Dombroski said...

Gotta love soccer :) Great list! Have a wonderful day!

Katie said...

I HATE LIVE TV. We're matchy. I almost never watch it live, but sometimes I will pause it and go for a walk just so I can skip commercials.

Super jealous of your Hawaii trip...I need a vacation so badly right now!

And, my first degree was in Music Ed, and now I'm a CTO and work with smartypants lawyers. Degrees smagrees.

Happy humping!

EricaH said...

Great list. I am with you about the coffee I love me some coffee.

and I think your Thanksgiving solution is hilarious and brilliant have a great time in Maui drink something fruity for me. :)

@I Run Because...I Can

Anonymous said...

great list!!!

Jill said...

Your list made me smile :). Don't forget that awesome Mercedes someone bought you for getting that accounting degree...ah, I never forget the little details, chica. I never, ever ever ever ever watched tv ... up til about 5 months ago when there was a House marathon on one weekend and my daughter was home watching it. I sat down for a half hour and wham...I was hooked. Funny thing is, I keep forgetting it's on Monday's and tho we have a dvd recorder, I have forgotten to even do that. Maybe this summer I'll catch up. Haha. Looks like someone's still reading your blog ;). Let's chat this weekend and I'll get with you on that schedule. The one you gave me only went through this weekend. ??


Nicole said...

I failed the practical exam several times. I alway do well in theory, but when it comes to actually having to do some I really suck big time.

Jamoosh said...

How I Met Your Mother rocks although I feel tehy need to wrap it up quickly before the show jumps the shark.

The ability to DVR all your favorite shows = priceless!

Page said...

10x400 @ 6:30/mi pace?!?! HOLY WOW! Great job!!!

Denise said...

i failed the actual driving test the first time. whoops. and then i failed the second time. oh boy. but i passed the third time b/c the guy with me was half dead in the seat next to me!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Are you Flipping kidding me! You are crazy crazy crazy fast! 6:30!!! I'm tired.

I watch everything off the dvr too. Commerical are a giant waste of time!

Thanksgiving in Hawaii sounds great!

Anonymous said...

go speedster go! kick ass track workout! I am hiding in your suitcase when you go to Hawaii ;)


No LIVE TV here either. And I easily drink a full pot of coffee a day. If not more. And I still want to pass out by 9 pm!

Heather said...

I love How I Met Your Mother. My hubby and I both used to love House, but kind of got out of it once they got rid of all the original people.

Nice job with that track workout! Can I come to Hawaii for vacation too??? :)

LPT said...

You're going to LOVE Hawaii. I ran a half marathon last June on the big followed the Ironman course. SO COOL.

Also, your coffee consumption would utterly kill me. My eyes would be bugging out.

And Hugh Laurie from House is totally on my top 5.

teacherwoman said...

Very interesting facts! Thanks for sharing!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Nice work at the track. And just thinking about all that coffee makes my stomach hurt. I'd never leave the toilet.

Char said...

If you're a soccer fan you'll be looking forward to the next few weeks in South Africa. There'll be some late nights in my household when the World Cup kicks off.

ajh said...

I'm a big coffee drinker too. I have cut down lately but we'll see if it lasts.

N.D. said...

ahh hawaii! so lucky! we went there for our honeymoon and said we'd go back in 5 yrs - well that is in a month! :( That's interesting about theology and your driver's test! haha look out!

MCM Mama said...

I failed the driving part of the test by going too fast - pretty indicative of what kind of driver I am LOL.

The one thing I like about summer is drinking iced coffee. yum!

MCM Mama said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog about the accounting stuff - I'd like to email you, but I can't find your email address.

Can you email me at mom2shoo at I'd be super grateful!!!

Kristen said...

I got a 98% on my driving test too and got dinged for the same thing!! I just didn't think he wanted to give me 100% but then asked half way through the test what I was going to do to celebrate.

Ahh, a trip to Hawaii - I am so jealous.

I love these things and learning about other bloggers lives besides just running. :)