Friday, May 21, 2010

Sunset Run

A few times over the summer, the local Fleet Feet in San Francisco hosts a charity 5 mile run to benefit a specific charity.  This year they have chosen the money to go to sports for kids in Haiti.  It's a great deal, for $10 (with ALL the money going to the charity) you get a really nice tech shirt, a raffle with some cool prizes, food and drinks, and the chance to get out and go for a run in probably one of the most beautiful places in the City.  Not every run do you get great weather.  It starts at the Marina, near Chrissy Field, and often times (wait, almost always) it's windy.  And, if you know SF, the summer months can be the coldest.  There were a few times last year it was so cold and foggy that I questioned what I was doing out there!  But last night, although it was windy, it was simply...beautiful!

SF is a bit of a drive for me, about 45 mins.  But, really, it is so worth it.  I get to break up my runs for the week, score a great shirt and have an evening in the city.  Last night Ari and Lilly decided to join me on their bike.  I was also meeting up with Julianne.  I had 9 on the books for my run, and since the run is only 5 miles Ari and I got there early so I could do the first 4 by myself.  The sun was warm, but the first 1.7 miles was directly into the wind!  Ugh, it was bad!  But, as soon as you pass this little bend you were fine, and of course, you got a nice tail wind on the way back.  The whole run you are running towards the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Yesterday it was a picture perfect sight.  No fog!  And in the near distance you could also see Alcatraz in all of it's glory.  I ran the first four miles pretty well considering they nasty wind for almost the first half.
4 miles 30:31  7:37/mi pace  My legs felt great and they were turning over really well :)

When I finished my first 4 I had some time to play with the pup, wait for Julianne and soak up all the pretty sunshine.

You could see Alcatraz really well!

Ari and Lilly enjoying the weather!

The nice Asics tech shirt

When Julianne got there we decided to start the run a little early of the group.  They say it starts at 6:30, but that is after a raffle and all sorts of stuff and you often don't start running until very close to 7.  So, we headed out to do our 5 together.  From the end of the parking lot to 2.5 miles out you head right to the base of the bridge where it's customary for runners to put their hands on a plaque called Hopper's Hands, then turn around and head back.  It's a beautiful run, right along the ocean.  We kept the pace easy, chatted the whole time and just soaked up the most beautiful evening in San Francisco.  Seriously, it is never that pretty out!  The sun was warm, and even though the head wind out was a pain, you got an easy run on the way back all the while enjoying some rare, but awesome SF weather.

Right after hitting Hoppers Hands

Julianne representing van 1! LOL!

Sunset and we're done!

 5 miles  47:30  9:30/mi pace
9 miles total  1:18:01 8:40/mi pace
We vowed to come and meet for every Sunset Run this summer together.  Although Julianne is close, we both have crazy schedules!  But this is something easy to commit to and it was a blast!  Thanks Julianne, I had a such a nice run with you!!!!

This weekend I have my trail race, on Sunday, and I'm actually so excited for this one!  It's is literally my first race that is 5 mins away!  In my backyard practically!  It's a challenging course, so if it's seems crazy hard or hot by the second loop, I will just do the 10K - no need to beat myself up for week #2 of marathon training :) 

So glad Friday finally came!  Longest week ever!  Enjoy your weekends peeps, and to all of you racing - run hard, run fast and ENJOY!
Happy Running and Happy Friday!
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L.B. said...

Nice pics! From those pictures, it just looked like an awesome evening.

Good luck on the trail race! I've been meaning to run one of those, but we'll see. I guess my upcoming Mud Runs will make up for my lack of trail runs :)

Cuidate este fin de semana y buena suerte!

Jill said...

Awe, I'm jealous that Julianne get to run with you on these awesome runs, but yeah, I got Boston with ya and that will always be in my heart!! Nice running girl. I know you don't like the beach/ocean much but I do and loved your pictures. Sorry I missed your call last night (still haven't listened to the message...but smiled when I saw your name by missed call :) ), hope to chat soon! I think I'm sporting yet another sinus to the dr. in a bit to find out. Errrrr!!
Love ya tons!!

Katie said...

Ahhh, I love Lilly in the bike cage!!! That's awesome! G wouldn't fit, he's a fatty fatterson (63lbs this morning!)

Nice sunset race - I love it!

And have an awesome trail race this weekend - yup, I'm a green-eyed jealous monster.

James said...

Looks like a great run. I really like those shirts!

Jamoosh said...

I love running in SF! I usually take the ferry across the Bay to Sausalito and run back.

Staci Dombroski said...

Have a great trail race this weekend!!! Love the pictures :)

MCM Mama said...

Looks like it was just gorgeous out! Glad you had a nice run. Good luck this weekend!

Denise said...

i wish there were more races like entry fee that goes to a great cause. i don't even need the shirt, altho that's an awesome added bonus!

great job, enjoy the rest of the wknd!

aron said...

ohhhh the shirt is CUTE!!! dang it, i want a green one :) next one! the city can just be such a pain to get to (as you well know). glad you had fun with J!

have a great time at the trail race!

Rad Runner said...

That run sounds so awesome! I wish I could be apart of it!!! Great pics, I almost felt like I was :)

Heather said...

What a pretty run. I have never been to SF - really want to get there someday! I like the back of those shirts. :)

I am hoping to get your package in the mail to you today or tomorrow. :)

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

That looked like a great evening! Beautiful scenery, great company, energizing run; what more could you ask for!

Run strong in your trail race. I'll be dieing to hear all about it!

Tara said...

That sounds like an awesome run to support a most awesome cause! I love the San Francisco area, it is so beautiful.

Good luck on your trail race this weekend. I'm totally jealous. I'm ready to do some trail runs! I still haven't started running again yet. Next week though!

Have a great weekend Katie!

ajh said...

Beautiful pics and outstanding tech shirt. When I walked I speed walked and was decently fast but the Olympics people race walk a technique I never got and are freakishly fast.

Anne said...

What a beautiful area to run in...good luck on the trail race!

Jo Lynn said...

Too bad you can't join me and Aron tomorrow morning. Good luck Sunday with your half marathon. We'll hook up one of these days, hopefully. I'd like to do the next sunset run on July 8th. I can actually request that day off - it's not in the middle of a huge sale at work. Our sales are kind of like tax time for you. Get it? :)

X-Country2 said...

That scenery is beautiful!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I love Fleet Feet!! Cool shirt too. So nice to have a fun run with a friend. Cute pictures!

Jenn said...

Good Luck on the race this weekend! I'm backreading all these posts here and trying to catch up! So your back in marathon training. I start on May 31st and it can't come soon enough! I need a plan again!! Love the pics!!

Kristen said...

I WANNA GO!! Are they once a month? $10 is an awesome deal and it goes to a good cause.

I told my husband about the dog cart and he just shook his head at me. I am seriously getting one.