Monday, May 17, 2010


How'd it get to be Monday already?  These were the thoughts going through my head when my alarm went off at 5am this morning!  Monday's always seem to creep up on me!  None the less, I had a fantastic weekend of running, baseball watching and...relaxing :)

Friday I was able to head out of the office early (at Noon, whoo hoo!) and head off to the gym.  I think only runners would be excited to have an early afternoon off from work to get home and run!  The weather was warm again so I headed to the gym to get my track workout done.  I really don't mind too much having to do it on the treadmill, it really forces you to keep going and not hit STOP!  And you always feel like such a bad ass when you're revving up the speed when most everyone else around you is walking :)  I had a ladder workout to do which will actually be incorporated into my marathon training this cycle so I wanted to see if it was at all even doable.  Yes, marathon training starts this week!
The workout called for 2x400, 2x800, 2x1200 & 2x1600 with 400 rests in between.  After the first set I decided to go backwards and start with the 1600.
400 @ 1:36 - nailed it the first time, second time 1:40 - my legs were done, it was the last one!
800 @ 3:20 - nailed it again!, second time 3:27 - legs were toast!
1200 @ 5:11 - no prob the first time, second time 5:14 - not too bad!
1600 @ 6:58 - again, not too difficult the first time, second time 7:03
I learned that this is a really, really hard workout and with only a 400 rest in between it wipes you out!  The second set I just couldn't keep up, but I'm hoping that by the end of the 18 weeks this shouldn't be a problem.  I'm also going to work in some Yasso 800's, as they have proven many times over that they are like clockwork when done regularly for marathon time prediction.  I'm really shooting for a low 3:30 or so when I run Long Beach, so my 800's will be 3:30!
I also did really well with my core work this week, and if I just cut out the sweets I think I may have a six pack looming some where! LOL!

Saturday I just could not get up early to save my life.  By the time I had breakfast and my coffee it was nearing 10 am!  I had 9 miles on the books and it was getting warm out!  Note to self: get lazy butt out of bed early on Saturday's in the summer!  It was nearing the high 60's when I started out and low 70's when I finished.  It was hot and sticky!  I stopped in the middle to try some Sport Beans.  I'm giving up on Gu, it just doesn't like me.  And although the Sport Beans didn't bother my tummy, I couldn't really feel the "kick" like I do when I have a Gu.  Maybe it was because it was hot as hell out and there wasn't anything going to save my butt, but I didn't feel like it did anything.  I'm going to give them another shot on Sunday for my trail race but if they don't help, I'm going to have to keep trying other things out.  I bought some Hammer Gel at the same time to try.  But any suggestions would be helpful.
9 (hot & sticky) miles  - 1:16:11  8:28/mi pace.

That run kicked my butt and needless to say the rest of Saturday was spent recovering :)  9 miles was as far as I had run since my marathons really so it was nice to almost hit the double digits again!  I'll have a chance this weekend with my trail race and the weather should cooperate!

Sunday I actually got out and ran before Mass!  I had wanted to do 5 recovery miles but some how that turned into a 10K.  It was one of those runs where you feel great!  Apparently my "recovery" on Saturday worked and my legs were up and ready.  Maybe my legs actually like the early morning running?  Nah!  I would rather sleep in!
6.2 miles  48:33  7:50/mi

After my run and Mass we headed out to see the local AA baseball team play!  My family and I LOVE baseball.  In the summer, there is always a baseball game on in the background.  Of course we have our favorite teams (Go A's!) but really, any baseball game is fun to watch.  It was hot and muggy yesterday since we are predicted to have rain today and tomorrow in the Bay.  The topic for everyone lately here is what the heck is up with this weather?  It NEVER rains in May here, and yet we have already had a few days of rain and we're getting more this week!  The only good thing to come of this is that the weather will be cooler this week and hopefully I won't melt.  And they say Global Warming is a lie! Ha!

Marathon training starts this week and I'm actually super excited to have a plan again.  Aimlessly running each day with out a spreadsheet to tell me what to do is hard!  And it's so easy to just cut runs short.  But I finally have my plan back and I'm excited.  I think it may need some tweaks, but nothing more than cutting a few mid week runs shorter.  I haven't done an 18 week training plan in a while so we will see if I'm burnt out come August.

Many of you raced this weekend!  Congrats to Tonia for pacing her hubbs and Tara for her longest distance Tri yet!  Great job girlies!  I'm off to read recaps and get caught up with all of you!
Happy Monday and Happy Running!
P.S. Got and check out Marcia's blog for a great giveaway!  Hurry, tell her I sent you!
P.S.S. - Go over to Amanda's give away blog and check out the cool Strawesome giveaway!!!  Just don't enter - I need want to win :)


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

You are funny.. I cannot imagine not getting going until 10am, my blond alarm clocks would never have that.

Wow a Marathon plan already.. YOu are crazy sister!!


You are a running machine! I really wish I could get a 10am start one day. My kids would never let that happen!

L.B. said...

That's a cool workout, the ladder one. I'm going to have to try it out. Do you keep it at the same speed for all the sets? Is that your 5K pace? 10K pace? I'm guessing you had it set somewhere north of an 8.0 for the 1600, but is that the same speed you had for the others? And what did you do for the "rest" time? Did you walk? Jog lightly? That's very intriguing.

Also, I'm so glad you are an A's fan and not a Giants fan because I don't know if we could have continued being blog buddies...

Denise said...

my stomach can't handle gus either. i like the clif bloks, margarita (extra salt in them) flavor. i eat one every few miles. not having a huge amount of sugar hitting my stomach at once really makes a difference.

Katie said...

Yeah, Gu makes me want to power-vom. I don't drink caffeine, so sport beans w/caffeine give me a huge punch in the tush. I also like shot blocks, but they don't give me the good hard shove that caffeine does.

aron said...

did you try that egel yet? just curious what you thought if you did :)

which plan are you going to use this time? i am researching a bunch of them and just trying to see what others are using too.

great job on the running! i was home around 930 after my run and i was already warm, so i imagine yours was HOT! ekkk.

Angela and David Kidd said...

This monday is kicking my butt. Hate them.

Sounds like you are enjoying the running again and you have your legs back! Low 3:30 time will be yours!

Steel Springs said...

What an awesome weekend! I love the variety that you get with ladder workouts, but that treadmill workout sounds really tough.

I like Powerbar gels, but I don't know if they'd work any better for you. Are you interested in trying other types of gel or completely different fueling options?

Christy said...

I ran with GU Chomps this weekend and they did a NUMBER on my stomach! I like PowerBar Energy Gel Blasts. They're pretty new and hard to find in stores but you can get them on Amazon! Try em out!

Jamoosh said...

AA baseball is so much more fun to watch than MLB baseball - hands down!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

10 a.m. That would be such a change. The little guy is almost ready for a nap by that time. Maybe some day I'll get those morning to sleep in back but I won't hold my breath.

I can't believe you are training for another marathon already. You are a racing machine! with a soon to be 6 pack!

Jess said...

I pay a high price for sleeping in for long runs in the summer, so I have ot force myself to get up early. However, it helps to have a baby who's an early riser, so I am more accustomed to getting up at dawn!

Carol said...

Wow, sounds like quite a track workout! I'll have to remember to try that sometime.
I used to use the GU lemon-lime flavor and even though I was gagging it down at times, I stuck to it (thru 2 marathons!). For my last training/marathon, I switched to Gu chomps (apple-cranberry with caffeine) and loved them! SO much better- no stomach issues, great flavor and I didnt mind the "chewing" part at all. Try them out!!
I'm interested to know what your core routine is and how often you do it. A six-pack is my dream. :)

ajh said...

You are hard core!!

Tara said...'ve changed your blog! Me likey!!

It's rained a lot here too, we actually have green in the mountains. I'm kind of liking it, although it is really different.

Girl, I wish I had your speed, I REALLY do! You need come out here and do a trail run with me sometime!

Heather said...

What a tough speed workout - impressive!

I have some sport beans that I'm not going to use - kind of got sick of them. If you e-mail me your address I'll send them to you (and some golf balls too - tis the season! :) hmwynn at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I cannot even remember the last time I started my day at 10am. Weekdays, "sleeping in" is 6:15 and even weekends I am usually up and about by 8am at the latest!

But man do I wish I had your speed!

Erika said...
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MCM Mama said...

Nice job on the running! Sounds like a lovely weekend!

t.a.o said...

Yay for a new plan! I am ready for a new one too! I just have to do a coupla' quick things like get married without killing anyone first! : )

Kristen said...

Great run for such yucky conditions - boo heat.

I am totally with you - without a plan my workouts are all over the place.