Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 Things Thursday

Because I love to number things, here we go!

1.  Yesterday was a much needed rest day!  Again, it felt sooo good to go home and do nothing.  Well, nothing is relative - I managed laundry and cooking dinner, but you get the point, NO RUNNING!  I like taking this mid-week rest day as it gives me the rest I need to tackle my med-long run on Thursday and then go into the weekend feeling a bit more rested than if I kept going.  I changed my schedule a few weeks back and I'm loving it!

2.  If you haven't been keeping track - it's been HOTTTTTTT here in the Bay Area!  Like triple digits hot!  Monday I had every intention of getting my run done on the treadmill at home, but when I hit start I just couldn't imagine slogging out 6 miles on that thing!  So off I hopped and went for a run outside.  Yeah, probably not my smartest move as it was 92+ when I started at 5:30.  But the heat was more bearable (believe it or not) than running on that stupid machine.  6 miles done and I was a sweaty beast!  I actually was able to maintain a 8:23 average the whole time and only stopped once to stretch!  Tuesday I went to the gym for my track workout.  It was 108 when I went in!!!  I really had no idea how it was going to go, but did I get part of the workout in with 6x800's (had 8 to do with one 1600 in the middle) with a great cool down.  8 miles in 1:00:03!  Nice!  I nailed it and it felt so good.  The second I stepped out of the Y though, it was still HOT!  Thankfully we have a cool down coming today - I don't think I can do much more of this!

3.  Today the hubbs and I are going to head into SF for a run.  I have my med-long run to do and with his new found appreciation of running (he's lost 5 pounds in the last couple of weeks with running!) he has no prob driving all over the Bay with me to change it up.  I would love to get 14 in, but we'll see how long he lasts ;)  Afterwards we are going to treat ourselves to a fun dinner in the city - a perfect Thursday in my opinion.

I may be MIA after today in the blog world for a few days.  Looks like I will be heading down to LA in the next couple of days.  I have an auntie about to pass away.  It kind-of puts a damper on when I will be leaving work now - but family first.  I was planning on Tuesday being my last day but I don't think I will be there.  I will probably have to push it out a couple of days - oh well.

Have a great Thursday!  Happy Running peeps!


Katie said...

oh I am sorry to hear about your aunt. hugs. :(

other than that, nice runs this week! looks like things are turning over real nice for you!

Andrew Opala said...

hope you will be a helpful guide to all those around you in LA

happy running

Anonymous said...

sorry about your aunt. :(

ya the heat is unbearable sometimes. but good job on ur run!
happy thursday

Java Joggers said...

I'm agree... I'd rather run outside in almost any weather/temp than hit the treadmill.

Sorry to hear about your aunt.

Marlene said...

So sorry about your Auntie. :(

CRAZY temps you are having! Hope it's bearable in SF for your med-long today!

Denise said...

sorry about your uncle. :-(

tell hubs congrats!! that's awesome.

Jamoosh said...

Running in hell is better than running on a machine.

Jess said...

Sorry ot hear that your aunt is ailing, but hopefully, you can draw comfort from being there with your family!

L.B. said...

I would have just ran on the 'mill, but you are stronger than me so out you went. I did an interval session on a 'mill today and it wasn't too bad, my first 'mill session in weeks.

Sorry about your aunt :(

Sarah said...

You are a crazier woman than I running in that heat, but sounds like you really kicked ass. Nice work!!

Love that Ari is getting into running with you. Maybe it will rub off on Tim...yeah right! :) Have fun in SF!

Hugs for your auntie. I know what a great lady she was.

Jo Lynn said...

That does sound like a great Thursday. Now if you can get that pup of yours to run along side the two of you, huh?
I'm sorry about your auntie.

ajh said...

Awesome runs! Sorry about your aunt.

Michelle Simmons said...

Sorry about your auntie. :( Better to get to spend some time with her though while she's still alive.

And wow. Hot hot hot is right. Once it's over 100 degrees I think you pretty much have to run inside.

Jill said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry about your aunt. I hope you can bring her lots of comfort with your happy smiles.

I don't dare step outdoors over 80 degrees - I totally love my treadmill in my basement so I'm not sure how you endure that heat. It's 90 right now, at 7:00pm and I'm going to pop on mine for a few measly miles. But miles are miles no matter what and I'm glad you're feeling good again.

Thinking of you!

teacherwoman said...

Yay for rest days!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

sorry about the reason for the trip that's always hard, but hopefully you'll get to enjoy time with the fam.

i'd feel bad for you and the heatwave except that's been my whole summer :)