Friday, August 13, 2010

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! & A Friday Update

Yes, I am way behind on announcing my SCAPE winner giveaway - but life has thrown me for a loop this week with training and getting my new business off the ground.  But enough with excuses!  And the winner is:  # 3 Katie at Run This Amazing Day!  When asked the question, what do you do to keep your skin protected? She answered in typical Katie fashion, "I protect my skin by letting a puppy lick me!!"  Nice! And as much as I'm a dog lover, this might be a little over my head :)  Congrats Katie, leave me a comment and I will get your SCAPE products out to you!!!

In other news, work has been a bear.  I'm drained and defeated and can't wait until I'm out on my own and doing business the way I want it to be done.  I decided to take some time off this week as my boss was out of town, and I had a fabulous time with the hubbs.  We were going to go up to Tahoe but work threw a wrench in that for me and we stuck around town enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having.

Wednesday I got in a so-so run.  I think my legs were still recovering from the hard trail race I had ran on Sunday.  They were so lead like that I couldn't believe I was still out there attempting to get a decent run in.  Oh well, got the miles in and called it a day.
7 miles 1:00:33 - 8:39/mi pace

I still hadn't gotten in my long run from last weekend so with a day off I decided yesterday I would tackle it.  We went over to the east bay to get some change of scenery and make it a little less mentally draining.  We went to the Iron Horse Trail and the temps were perfect.  The one awesome thing about this trail is that it is wide and the scenery is just beautiful.  The one bad thing about it, depending on which direction you start it, the way back is a steady incline.  I was an idiot and started at the downhill section which meant for part of the run on the way back I was going uphill.  Mind you, it's not a hill, just a steady incline, but when you already have 6 miles on your legs and you have 10 more ahead of you - you feel it!  I may or may not have had a mental break down, cry fest at mile 12 when I looped back to the start and still had 4 miles ahead of me.  My legs were done and I just didn't want to finish.  But being the good sherpa that he is, the hubbs knocked some sense into me and had me finish strong those last 4 miles :)
16 miles 2:14:06 - 8:23/mi pace

When we got home, my hubbs who is slowly taking up running, wanted to go out for a run.  He asked me to join him and off we went for another 2 miles.  They were slow miles but probably a good way to really cool down after the 16 miles I had ran and the hour long drive we had home.  He is doing great, his kick is good, his form is good, and as much as he keeps telling himself he is NOT a runner, I have a feeling this might stick.  I'm hoping he enters a DU at the end of September - I would love to cheer him on in a race!
2 miles 19:07 - 9:34/mi pace 

When we finished I was toast!  I quickly iced bathed, put some compression socks on and called it a day.  18 miles in one day sure is draining.  I felt bad I didn't even have any energy to help with dinner!   But I'm glad I got it done and I think on Sunday I will cut back the miles of my long run and shoot for 12-14.  We'll see how they feel by then :)

So many changes right now for me, so many un-knowns and it's taking it's toll.  I wish I could fast-forward time to 8/31 and be out of this job.  I'm dreading turning in my notice on Monday.  I need to work on it though, it's eating up a lot of my thoughts and keeping me from being able to be productive with other things.  Although I am leaving on a good note, things haven't been very good at my office and I'm thinking of a zillion million thoughts of how it's going to go.  I just want to get it over.  I have a feeling I won't be sleeping much on Sunday. :(

It's FRIDAY!  And I couldn't be more happy about that!!  I'm off to catch up with all of you.  Man, missing a day of blogging sure puts you behind!  You have all been busy!  Good luck to any of you racing this weekend!
Happy Friday and Happy Running peeps!


Tara said...

Yay for your hubbie! I've been trying to get my husband to like running for a few years now. He gets out and does 4 milers every once and a while and he loves to trail run, but no races in sight!

Happy Friday Katie!

Emily said...

I can't believe you went for another run after your killer 16. Awesome job. And love it that your hubby is taking up running, that will be super fun for both of you!

Anonymous said...

this is why you need to put your notice in on Friday, so you can party all weekend ;) lol Everything will work out and how exciting o be your own boss!!!!

Nice run and yay for the hubs picking up running...such a great thing for you both to share :)

Sarah said...

It will all work out, I have faith! You are awesome and quitting that job and going out on your own is going to be the best decision you have ever made! Just let me know if you need any marketing copy for the website. I'm here to help! :)

As for your run, nice work on barreling through the long run and I love that Ari is getting into it too. Let me know if he decides to enter a race so we can come cheer!

Love ya cuz!!!

Katie said...

HA HA HA! puppies are amazing!! I love it.

sending you LOTS of job hugs. think about the huge feeling of relief that you will feel when it's over. i've been there. it's worth it. and then you get to say, "nobody is the boss of me! I am the boss of me!"

also super awesome that your hubz is running now! i dragged thom into running too. now he can run more than me because i'm broken. sad faces.

ok, enough from me! happy friday!!!

PunkRockRunner said...

It’s official. I hate your pace.

That is all….


Kristen said...

OMG - how exciting to be your own boss!!! I can't wait to hear more about it.

Awesome run and awesome run for your hubby! That is great time for someone who just started running.

Julianne said...

Hey, maybe your hubs and my hubs can get together and run?? I mean, they are MEANT to be BFFS anyway! haha. See you next Thursday???

And wait, you got a new job??? Tell me more ok???

ajh said...

good luck with that notice......I would be sweating it too but soon you will be through it.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Good luck putting in your notice. I know you will feel so much lighter once it's done.

okay, really. 16 fasty fast miles and then 2 more with hubbs. I need to go lay down.

Jo Lynn said...

Crap! I never win ANYTHING. Sheesh.

Christy said...

Thanks for the love hun! I'm going to the doctor to get checked out so I'll keep you posted! Oh and the free yoga? They have it in SF and Berkley too! Google Yoga to the People and you'll get their website =) Great job on your 16-miler! And that's so cool that Ari is starting to run!

Happy Weekend!

Jess said...

Sorry that the work front is so stressful now as you're making a big transition; these kinds of changes definitely take their toll! So, excellent work in keeping up with your running despite the professional stress and anxiety!

Heather said...

It's great that you have inspired your hubby to run and you guys can do that together.

Good luck Monday. That stuff is never fun, but I am sure you will feel much better once you put your notice in and everything is out in the open. :)

Jill said...

Good luck tomorrow...I hope it all goes well! Missed you this weekend!