Monday, April 8, 2013

So, What Do You Want to See?

First off, THANK YOU to all of you that read and left me such sweet comments on my little story. The one thing you find out when you finally divulge to the world that you have struggled with fertility, is that so many people do. And everyone has a story. It's often a subject that isn't discussed in the open, sans the conversation you might have with a close relative or friend who is going through or has gone through it themselves. I'm not sure I want to be the "spokes person" for the subject, but maybe, just maybe, my own story can touch someone to be more pro-active in their own struggles. Yes, it's something that society hasn't really lifted the vail of "secrecy" from, but by no means is it something to be ashamed of.

The problem with vowing to blog more often, is, well, that you have to blog more often! I've never written on this blog anything profound or all that witty, but many times my blog went untouched because I felt like I didn't have anything really to say. Yes, my race reports were always fun to post, and a place where I could archive my story for myself, but aside from that, going on and on about my training always seemed boring to me - so it had to be boring to all of you!

So, here is my question. What keeps you coming back to a blog? What topics make you smile, stop and think about something, or help point you in the right direction? I know that I want to blog about running and pregnancy but I don't always want to be talking about that. I know that the majority of blogs that I never miss are ones that are completly honest and open, about any topic. I will try and bring that here. And since I won't be "racing" much, aside from my marathon in June and an upcoming trail half in April, there goes a big chunck of my blogging topics! Help a sister out! Let me know what you might want to hear from me, or if you're just fine with all my on-going posts about running while pregnant, let me know that, too!

This past week I finished my highest mileage week of running while pregnant! I hit 46 miles, which, I know, to many sounds like a lot. And yes, it is! But honestly, I felt good all week (for the most part) and I was by no means pushing much. I never thought that running 46 miles in a week would be such a big deal to me, but I finally felt such an accomplishment on Sunday when I finally added up the miles - something I hand't felt in so long! And in a way, it felt like an even bigger accomplishment than all those 80+ or 100 mile weeks I had ran before.

Right now, thanks to my coach, I am doing a good mix of some "harder" runs and "easier" runs, both being relaitve. And I even have a couple of double days thrown in there, which is one of my favoirte things to do. When you're running 80+ miles a week, double days are a necessary element. I never thought I would be able to while pregnant. I'm well aware that there may be a point where those double days are far and few between and most likely disappear all together. But for now I am enjoing it.

Here is a run down on how my week of running goes. PLEASE keep in mind, I have a coach! I had a great base of mileage and fitness BEFORE I was pregnant, and I have a doctor who is monitoring me and on board with my running. If you're pregnant, please don't use this as a base for you own running. Each runner is different. Every pregnancy is different, and like I said before, there may come a day during this pregnacy when all this comes to a screaching halt due to any number of cicrumstances. Until then, here is a run down of my week in running.

Monday: Double Day
   run #1: 10min w/u - HR >150, 30mins steady - HR 155, 5min c/d - HR >150
   run #2 45mins, all eady, HR >150
Tuesday: 1:10, all easy, HR >150 (side note, I was Pukey McPukey this day, I chose a rest day)
Wednesday: 1:30: 20min w/u - HR >150, 10x5min HR 155 w/ 1min easy jog in between, HR >150, 10min c/d - HR >150
Thursday: 1:15 - all easy, HR >150
Friday: Double Day - Same as Monday (side note, was not able to do 2nd run, couldn't get my HR down, gave up after 5mins)
Saturday: 1:10 - all easy, HR >150
Sunday: 1:20: 20min w/u - HR >150, 4x6min HR 155 w/ 6min easy in between HR >145, 12min c/d - HR >150
(I probably won't run down each week, as my schedule is made by someone else and if you're looking for a good coach, contact her!)
Me and my HR monitor have become BFF's 

Even with the two missed runs, I still got in the 46 miles. I am averaging any where from 10:30/mi to a few sub 9's in there. For the most part, my "comfortable pace" is right around 9:20-9:30 (HR >15). Each run is different, which I guess isn't too far off from a runner who isn't prego :) Sometimes my HR wants to cooperate, and other times it doesn't. I am much more sensitive to what I eat and drink now, too. I know that if I have caffine too close to a run, my HR is through the roof! Same thing goes if I'm too hungry. Or if I don't wait long enough in between my runs. A bit of it is trial and error, some of it has no explanation. The important part is listening to my body. That is a new concept for me. Before I would push through most aches, pains, hunger, headaches, etc. Now, I just plain can't. It's amazing though how fast my head got on board. Before I would have been really bummed out if I missed a run or didn't hit the mileage I needed or a pace I had set. Now, I'm just happy to get through a run without having to stop and pee!

There ya have it, a look into a week of running while pregnant. I still stop and smile when I write that. Heck, I still stop and smile every time I remember I'm pregnant! I have to admit though, with Boston just a few days away, its getting hard not to be even slightly sad that I won't be toeing the line on Monday. I'm gonna try REAL hard on Monday to cheer on so many friends who will be there running their hearts out but I also know that seeing too many tweets or too many posts might make the pain a little harder to bare. Sorry, just being honest. By no means would I trade my situation just to be running a race, but come on! It's BOSTON! And I had earned my spot to be there! But I know that it wasn't going to be my last Boston and I hope I'll be there in 2015 taking my own revenge on the Newton Hills :)

And I can't not have a post and not include a pic of Lilly enjoying her backyard this weekend - nothing puts a smile on my face faster than seeing her enjoying life like this! I need to take a page out of her book! Stop and enjoy the grass!

Happy Running!


Rob Brooks said...

You have no idea how much it made me smile to see "double days" in this post. That's our Katie right there! :-) Whatever you decide to blog about, whether it be running, pregnancy or jelly donuts, I'll be happily reading!

Michaela said...

I honestly wouldn't mind hearing about running while being pregnant. It would be interesting for me to read about you as an athlete experience pregnancy and the changes that happen.

Also, more "find the corgi" photos are always a plus! :)