Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lucky #13

I think I was always destined to be a bean counter. For those that don't know this, I'm a tax accountant. Go ahead, roll your eyes, I even bore myself when I say that! I have always loved numbers, I've always loved putting things in order and keeping count. I remember at Christmas time my mom would have me count the number of houses we would see with Christmas lights on them. I had a whole system, complete with a note pad in the car to keep track and to make sure I didn't have duplicates. Yes, I'm sure more than anything, it was probably to keep me occupied and to keep me from talking - which apparently I did all the time :) But I loved that game and even find myself counting them as an adult :)

Trust me, this brings me to my latest segment for the blog: things that happen while you're cooking little fingers and toes. And just as a side note, pregnancy isn't all bad, just some things make you stop and go, "seriously? Now this?" I just am finding humor in so many things as I experience through this and thought, what the heck, I'll share it.

As runners, we share everything while on a run. And, more often than not, at some point on a long run, you're gonna have to "go." If you have read any of my past race reports, I have really yet to complete a marathon without having to stop and use the honey buckets at least twice - usually more. Talking about poop on a run with someone you just met? Just fine. Talking about poop at a dinner party with someone you just met? Not cool. Lamenting about how many potty stops you took in your last 5K with your run buddy? Totally normal. Talking about how you almost sharted when sprinting during a 10K with your non-running best friend? Yeah, no....just, no. So, since this is a running blog, I will bring you all to my next realization during pregnancy: all the stories are true, yes, you pee at least a million times a day!!

Right now, I find it a small victory if I can get through 30 minutes of running without having to stop and pee! In the beginning, it wasn't so bad. But now, I am doing everything in my power not to wet my pants during a run and make it to a bathroom (or bush) in time. And that lucky #13? THAT is how many times I went pee the other day. It's my current PR - 13. Yesterday, 12. It's barely 10am right now and I'm already on track to break it. I've gone 5 times already today. And yes, I'm keeping track. I am, after all, a numbers geek. Don't worry, I don't have a note book...yet :) I only started to keep track the other day because it felt like I was running to go every hour! I know where every Starbucks is in my hood, thanks to my caffeine addiction and my new found need to "go" at a moments notice. And let's be honest, Starbucks bathrooms are by far the cleanest ones out there - thanks Sbux! Its the new running joke in our house, too. The hubbs thinks its hilarious when I declare I have to go, NOW! And just another over share for all of you, one second you don't have to go, the next you are on the brink of peeing your pants! IT MAKES NO SENSE! Or, I literally JUST went, and 20 minutes later, I am going again. I have a feeling this little blueberry is making my bladder its own personal punching bag. I think lucky #13 is going down today and my new PR with be #14.

In running news, I haven't logged any miles in the past few days. I had some contractions and the doctor wanted me to go a full 24 hours with out any before I went back to running. After 3 days, I am finally cleared to go. I will admit, it was a bit scary there for a few days when we went in and I was having pretty significant contractions. But this is all to be expected with Baby #2 in there. Thankfully our little blueberry is nice and healthy so no real need to worry at the moment. And, AND, AND...we get to find out the sex next week!!!! We are soooooo excited! Actually, that is an understatement. WE CAN'T WAIT! We plan on sharing the sex with everyone (including all of you!) but we probably won't be sharing the name. Turns out, everyone has an opinion on what you should call your off-spring. Yeah, who knew?

Since there has been little to no running we took advantage of living in SoCal and went to the beach twice - Lilly is a happy corgi!

Anyway, off to catch up on some blogs and actually get my own legs turning over - can't wait to get my sweat on!
Happy Running!!


Paulette said...

Cute beach photos - can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl! :)

Alisyn said...

Love this post! Too funny! I can't wait for Penny and Lilly to meet! A few more weeks until I see you again! Yippee!