Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decisions, Decisions!

I have been really working on my race schedule for 2010 and attempting to nail down the ones I MUST run verses the ones that I would LIKE to run.  The list is long on both sides.  As I think I mentioned before, my excel spread sheet with my race calendar has a total column for all the races fees.  If I were to do all of them, we are looking at $1,600 bucks!  Granted that is 22 races and I know this girl isn't ready for that kind of schedule!  But the thought of spending all that money makes me feel guilty especially when I also like to feed my addiction for new running shoes quite a few times during the year :)  Just the other day my husband was joking with a friend of ours that he thought that running was going to be a "cheap" sport when I started.  Little did he know!

Right now my biggest dilemma is weather or not I am going to really attempt to go for Maniac status.  I am a peace with the fact that I made a smart decision not to run CIM but I am still a bit bummed when I think about how close I was to my Maniac yellow jersey.  One of my main goals for 2010 is to grab it, and trying to figure out a race schedule that fits is getting me all flustered!  Running three marathons within 90 days is a big challenge but it is something that I REALLY want to attempt.

So, without further adu, this is the race that I am now contemplating on running - The Big Sur International Marathon.  It is a crazy race to attempt to tackle just 6 days after Boston, but it has some really awesome amenities for the runners to do attempt it and are successful in finishing both!  Plus, it is right in the time frame for the Maniac status.  The course is called challenging for one, with many large hills that not only go up quite steep but come down just as steep.  It is set on one of the most beautiful courses in the world and has you running down the historic Highway 1 between Monterey and Carmel California. 

The challenging course is not necessarily keeping me from hitting "register" right this second, although it is a deciding factor.  But what is really killing me is the $175 race fee for the people like me who race Boston and then Big Sur!  Insane!  Granted, I do get a special bib, an Asics jacket, Asics tech shirt, special finishers medallion, and a finishers booth just for the 400 people that are signed up for this insane challenge.  But, it is still $175 dollars!  I thought Boston was expensive at $130! 

Big Sur/Monterey is only about an hour away for me.  Not really too bad of a drive.  But the race does start at 6:45 am and the busses that take you to the start begin to leave from 3:45 am to 4:45 am!  Wowza!  We will have just gotten back from Boston that Wednesday and I am not too keen on spending more money on yet another hotel room just 4 days after Boston.  So, if I am going to do this it means I will stay home, and probably leave my house around 3 am to be at the buses that early!  And we all know that means a 1:30 or 2:00 am wake up call!  Crazy!!! 

I really, really want to run this race.  It is a once in a lifetime experience almost,  to be able to run Boston and then Big Sur.  I am sure that I would have an opportunity to do this at one point or another sometime down the line, but right now I am not really held down by the usual restraints that keep people from attempting this challenge (like babies and kiddos).  What is really killing me though is the $175 race fee, the un-gawdly hour of the start and busses and yes, I will admit, the crazy, challenging course.  I know that if I run it I will finish.  I tackled Lake Tahoe this year and that is also an extremely challenging course (and I was injured, too!).  Tahoe is ran in the Sierras and at an elevation of around 6,000 - 7,500 feet!  Rolling hills at sea level should be easy, right?  LOL!

Right now I need to just sit with this for a day or two and really let it marinade in me that this is what I REALLY want to do.  If I pay the $175 bucks then damn it I am going to run it!  But the race is already at 71% and it is filling fast - last week it was only at 62%.  Decisions, decisions.

In non-running news I had a pretty un-eventful weekend.  I did have my office Christmas party but that was boring beyond belief.  What do you get when you put a couple of accountants with their significant others and support staff in a French restaurant?  Complete boredom and uncomfortable silence. :)  My hubbs and I managed to not stay too long then went out for drinks and desert together - we we're all dressed up, couldn't let it go to waste!

My mom insisted on getting a picture of us when we dropped Lilly off that night!  It brought back memories of H.S. prom! :)

On the running front I got in 6.5 miles on the dreadmill at the gym Friday night and an awesome, wet and rainy 10 miler on Sunday.  I don't mind the rain too much, but the wind is what always gets me!

6.5 miles 46:31  7:09/mi pace  - side note: my parish priest was on the treadmill next to me.  Yes, we often end up there together, thankfully he has known me since I was a little red head.  But he hasn't been able to run in a while and a few years ago when I first started running next to him I was so amazed he could run at 7.5 on the treadmill!  Now, I am running at 8 mph (7:03 pace) and just had to show him up.  Yes, I am even competitive with my family priest :)

10 miles  1:16:14  7:37/mi pace - nice and wet and windy - really lit a fire under my little red butt!

I am so excited Christmas is next week!  So excited to head off to Tahoe to celebrate, not so excited to spend the weekend with my MIL.  That is for another post.  I am off to work on my goal list for 2010 since it is wicked SLOW here at the office!
Happy Running peeps!


Anonymous said...

Just think carefully about everything. I'm sure you COULD do both and it just depends on if you want to run or race them you know?

I love that you were competing with your priest. But I would too!

Molly said...

I can't speak to the running it after Boston part, but it is an AWESOME race. I ran it for my 30th birthday and had a blast. I didn't do as much hill training as I intended and was surprised to find they weren't as bad as I'd feared. Even though you bus out at the arse-crack of dawn, they keep you warm and entertained down at the start and it's a whole lot of fun.

aron said...

I think it all depends on your goals for them, if you are going to race Boston then just cruise Big Sur, just because "racing" two so close together is hard on the body! With that said, if you do 2 marathons that close together (back to back weekends) you dont have to do a 3rd to get your maniac status, you only need the two - just incase you didnt know :)

Heather said...

As for Boston and Big Sur, DO IT! I had some of those travel/more expensive marathon dreams that I kept putting off, and now that I have a little kiddo, it's put off indefinitely. This is your time to be a little selfish. :)

Love the prom pic. We have our Christmas party this Friday night. Ours is a little different though - a couple of lawyers, support staff and husbands apparently equals drunk fest and dancing on the bars. Who knew?

Morgan said...

Girl you are def Maniac quality if you're going to do Boston 2 Big Sur!! Holy snikes I can't even imagine... then again I can't imagine running as fast as you!!! You rock!

Staci Dombroski said...

WOW! That is all I can say, WOW!!! Love the picture of you and your husband :-)

Tara said...

I have heard that Big Sur is a MUST do on everyones marathon list! Just not so sure about doing it so soon after Boston. Whew! Girl you are nuts...but in a good way. :)

Yu look absolutely gorgeous in your dress! Love it. So sorry that you had to submit yourself to that holiday Christmas party. UGH!

TMB said...

I think you should do it. You're right, this is a once in a lifetime chance that you may not get again once you have kids! Trust me, it gets much harder to juggle races when kids are involved. Plus, you'll get your MANIAC status! Sign up ... and think of it as an early Christmas present!

shellyrm said...

Nice prom picture!

Wow, to consider 2 marathons back to back, ekkk! I'd be concerned about "racing" them but I do think running and finishing both of them is totally do-able. So to the cost. That is an expensive race but I am used to $60 marathon fees. I like'em little. If you do it just make sure you have your mileage built up and you can easily run them both. What a great accomplishment it could be!

Good luck making the decision! What ever you chose I am sure you are going to have some lofty goals for 2010!

Jess said...

Definitely aim for the manic status!

Great pic of you and your hubby! Should have loaded up on the vino at the office party; it's not a holiday bash without an uncomfortable Monday morning meeting those co-workers' judging gazes.

Jill said...

Okay you...how funny that you posted this today. I ran BS in '08 and it kicked my butt - TOTALLY was not prepared for how insane that course is: the winds, the hills, and the heat. So I vowed one day I'd be back. I heard of the cool swag you'd get if you did Boston and then Big Sur in '10 and I was kinda like all over that! But when I looked the other day, the B2B was closed. Now I look and it's still open! Huh? I don't think I can swing it financially but wow...that'd be way cool to attempt so I say GO FOR IT!!! I'd be totally envious. Seriously, it is $175 for the entry fee? You'll have to tell me more about it.

I LOVE the picture of you all dressed up with your hubby! What a cutie couple!!!

Nice running, you are truly amazing!

Jenn said...

OMG! There are so many crazy people on these blogs. Seriously, after I run Boston I am going to bask in my own glory for at least a month before even thinking about another marathon. You are AMAZING!! I would love to run Big Sur one day. Pictures from the course are breathtaking. You are one speedy treadmill runner. I honestly don't know how many more days I can take running on mine. I'm heading outside in about 10 minutes -It is finally above zero (1 degree) and I need to take advantage of it!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow ambitious girl!! I love it..

Have you thought about emailing the race director to see if they offer any discounts? Your could mention your blog.. NEver know?

I cant wait for a BREAK from work for the Holidays

Katie said...

Whatever you decide it sounds like you have quite a year ahead! I love that you're even competitive with your parish priest. And I love that your parish priest runs! That's so cool.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Do it! Big Sur is on my must do list. Take your lunch to work a few days and you'll make up for the hefty entry fee.

RunToTheFinish said...

oh my I am not a racer, but this sounds like a totally can't miss kind of opportunity!!

i was just looking at 1 race for next year and debating :)

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Ohhh my goodness - I don't know how you run so fast on the treadmill!! I feel like I am dying when I run 9:30's.