Friday, December 18, 2009


Proof we need to have kids!  Ari came home last night all excited about his purchase for Lilly! (please don't laugh...okay go ahead, it's funny)

It is a hoodie and Lilly tolerated it for about 10 mins before I took it off.  She had this look on her face of utter humiliation - I felt so bad!  But he was so excited for it.  He wants her to be able to use it while we are in Tahoe next week since it will be cold.  I think he sometimes forgets she is a DOG with a fur coat!  Oh well, if anything it lets me know that he is going to be one awesome Daddy someday!

On the running front I had the BEST, most AWESOME run last night!  Granted it was on the treadmill but I did stick it out!  One of my goals for 2010 is to run a sub 45 10K.  I know it's in me, I may even have a sub 44!  And last night just proved to me that I think I may be able to cross that one off my list sooner than I think!

6.2 miles 45:20  7:18/mi  And the cool thing about this is that my first mile was an 8:15!  If  had started out sub 8 like I probably would in a race I would have smoked the 45 min range.  I also felt really great during it.  My kick was right on and my breathing wasn't out of control or too labored.  In fact, my last mile I was running a 6:42/mi pace.  Now if I can only have all of this go right on race day I would be one happy camper!

I am soooo glad it's Friday.  I am getting up early tomorrow, cleaning the house real quick and then we are going to head up to Tahoe to do some early snowboarding.  Ari is just itching to get up there with all the snow and I feel like I owe him since he did endure 6 straight weeks earlier this year of my racing :)  I think I will only board on Saturday afternoon then let him tackle the mountain by himself Sunday while I try out my new Yaktrax and go for my long run in the most beautiful scenery!

To all you peeps who are racing or hitting up the long run this weekend, good luck!  One week 'til Christmas!
Happy Friday and happy running peeps!


Jamoosh said...

Yeah, we wouldn't dare put a hoodie on our cat.

shellyrm said...

The things our dogs indure for us! Your hubby will make a great dad.

Great treadmill run! I wish I could keep good form on that thing. I really tried last night. I was a bit slower and it felt a little better. Still a work in progress.

Have a great time in the snow this weekend!

Staci Dombroski said...

That is so cute! Great job on the run and pace :-) I loved your advice on my comment and I am going to try it in increments this weekend!

Jill said...

Hey Chicka, have a blasty snowboarding tomorrow - way fun. Well, not for me cuz I'm too whiny in the cold but stoked for you! And wow great job on the run - that's awesome! I DO see a sub-44 in your future. Very soon!
Hugs back to ya!! And I mean it!!!!

Sarah said...

1) OK yes, it's time to have kids! :P

2) You run so freaking fast it's insane. I can barely do an 11 minute pace right now and would kill just to be under 10. But under 7, holy crap woman, so impressed. 45 minute 10K here you come!

3) Yay Tahoe!!! So jealous. I think we may go up next month and I can't wait. BTW what is a YakTrax?

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Way to GO speedy!!

Love the Doggy outfit..

Have a FUN trip!

PS..OK Call is Fate but..The word verification for my comment is "PREGO".. Ummmm?? Maybe after Big Sur..

Tara said...

Niiiice run girlie!!! You are definitely going to break that 45 minute mark this next year! So proud of you...

Hope you have fun snowboarding. Are you all still thinking about coming out to Colorado? I'm not sure I will be able to ski this year, but keep me posted. Would LOVE to meet you!

I have tried putting my dogs in sweaters. My first dog (the one that died of cancer) loved them. He would anxiously await for me to put them on him. Then the little one (the dog that I still have ) would chew holes in them and he would run around with holes in his sweaters. Poor little gay doggie!

BTW- My treadmill stress test is next Tuesday. Could use all of the positive thinking that you can muster up.

TMB said...

Great run! You will totally hit that goal next year!

So love Lilly's outfit!

Heather said...

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Meg Runs said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with dressing up your dog...I have to tell my kids that constantly. After your dog has experienced it a few times, the humiliation disappears and it's just another fun thing to do with mom and dad(oops!), I mean her owners. ha, ha, jk but we DO have lots of dog clothes. Nice visiting your blog!

Jess said...

I once stuffed Scooter into a hoodie, and he too had a look of utter humiliation.

Christina said...

Very cute. Poor doggie.