Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'll Never Learn

The past few weeks I have been looking at races for 2010.  Actually, I have signed up for a couple besides Boston, but I also had in mind a few others that I was sure I wanted to run.  Well, since I didn't get my Maniac status on Sunday my new fun goal for 2010 is to achieve that.  I can be a smart runner and still achieve it, it just is going to take some planning which I love!  I looked back at my race calendar for 2009 and saw that I had a huge concentration of races in the fall and not so many in the beginning of the year.  This is what also happened in 2008.  Unlike 2008 though, in 2009 I had a six week stretch of 6 races which I found out the hard way isn't always fun. 

With my love of Excel and spreadsheets I have made a list of all the races that seem accessible to me.  Meaning, easy travel and get away.  I am a tax accountant and that does play a major part.  I am not really able to take any time off from February to April so that does put a damper on an earlier spring marathon since I wouldn't be able to take a Monday off and most Saturday's in that time frame are spent at work :(  I have complied a list of races that are possible and now I think I need to widdle it down to 12-14.  I know I am running Boston.  I know I will run the SF marathon again and I always do the Lake Tahoe Marathon.  Aside from those though, I am ready to tackle some new courses and few more familiar ones to hopefully set some course PR's!

I could post my spreadsheet, but then you would all see just how crazy and detail oriented I am and that would just be embarrassing.  Hehehe.  But here are some highlights of the races I know I am going to or probably race and I will eventually fill in the gaps.  The big plan for Maniac status is all planned out - just need to fork out some race fees! Ugh!

1/1/10  NY Day Palo Alto 10K - this should be fun as Ari and I are gonna do it together and ensure that we don't drink too much the night before!
1/2/10  Brazen NY Half Marathon - Yes, a half mary after a 10K.  But I am not going to race the 10K and I really want to race after the debacle of CIM.
2/7/10  Kaiser SF Half Marathon - a good girl friend of mine raced this last year and had   blast.  It is on Super Bowl Sunday which should help  counter all the crap I will be eating that day.
3/14/10 Shamrock Half in Sac - I got to hang out on Sunday with one of my SIL's good friend's who is also a runner who talked me into this one :)
4/11/10 Santa Cruz Half Marathon - Not sure about this one yet - it's the weekend before Boston.  I did BQ after I ran a half the weekend before and my 'cuz Sarah is running this again so I have lots of good reasons to do this one!
4/19/10 Boston Marathon - what can you say about this one - I'm in!!
5/2/10 Eugene Marathon - this would be the second marathon in my quest to achieve Maniac status.  Ari has cousins that live there and have been begging us to come - a marathon is a good excuse!
6/6/10 RNR San Diego - even though I hated the course and the city, it is the only June marathon that is accessible to me in the 90 day time frame.
7/11/10 Los Gatos Half Marathon - this was a blast this year and I hope to PR!
7/25/10 SF Marathon - not sure if I want to tackle the full or the half yet, but it was a ton of fun and hope to PR on it if I do the 2nd half again!
9/26/10 Lake Tahoe Marathon - I will def be doing the full again so that I can get my redemption - beautiful course and great spectators!

I have lots of other races I am considering and aside from Lake Tahoe I haven't committed myself to any other fall races just yet.  I would also like to get another 5K or 10K in there at some point.  If you can't tell, I love me the 13.1 distance.  But I am not special in that sense, many marathoners love it.  Yes, it is a busy race schedule but I have some goals I want to meet (saving that for another post) and when I don't have a race on the calendar I usually end up getting into trouble :)  I am already signed up for four of the races above, now I just gotta start spreading out those race fees (yeah! another spreadsheet!). 

I have had a wonderful week of running already!  Sunday when we got home I did a little 3 mile jaunt around the neighborhood sans the garmin.  I just wanted to feel my legs below me and enjoy the crisp air.  It also reminded me that I had made the right decision for me.

Monday I was planning on heading to the gym but the thought of that was daunting.  I decided to head outside.  I bundled up and got in an awesome 8 mile run.  I needed this run.  I waited until the afternoon to go since it had been raining and yes, snowing in the morning.  It was cool and crisp and I felt alive.  I left all of my bad feelings and doubts about CIM on the road, which you will be able to see from my crazy clip!

8 miles   59:13  7:24/mi pace - I knew I was running pretty quick since almost every time I looked at my garmin it said 7:05 or so.  But for the first time that speed didn't feel like it was killing me.  Call it adrenaline or self-pity, but whatever it was it was great!

Yesterday I got home from work a bit later than usual and decided to hit the gym.  It is getting soooo dark out and so early lately!  I am still a bit gun-shy of running the roads at night so this seemed like a good idea.

8 miles 1:02:00  7:45/mi pace - it was HOT in there!  But I did a progression run and felt awesome afterwards.  Ari tortured rolled me out last night since my hamstrings were a bit tight.  The fast clip I think really pulls on them.

Thank you again for all your encouraging words after Sunday.  I know I made the right choice for ME and that is all that matters.  I am at peace with it now and know that a smart runner is a happy runner.  I am so glad I am able to run this week instead of having to be in recovery mode. 

So, what's on your race schedule for 2010?  I would love to hear!  Have a great Wednesday peeps!
Happy Running!


Staci Dombroski said...

Wow, that is a great schedule! Crazy, but a great schedule :-) The only races I have planned so far is the Earth Day marathon ( my first one) and Spinx marathon in October. Other than that, I need to look for more :-)

aron said...

holy race schedule!! you are packed in :) so fun. i will be at at least one of those (shamrock). i ran KP last year too if you want to check out a race report on it. not doing that one this year though. i will be at sfm too!! YAY :)

The Happy Runner said...

I just got caught up on some of your posts. Sorry about CIM. I'm glad you realize that you made the right decision -- in running, that's all we can do. We run and we have to listen to ourselves as we do.

Looks like you have a great 2010 planned!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow oh wow that is a whole lot of races.. I am very detailed like if we only had some change to jingle around I would sign up for way more races..

My GOALS post is in the works.. So far:

*Marathon Redemption and pursuit of a BQ either at the Tacoma Marathon 5/2 or a Marathon in the FAll.

*Help others to reach their GOALS and by doing so, enjoy running more through them.. Pace my running buddy Amanda for a sub 2 hour half on 3/21. Run with my husband for his first 1/2 Marathon in May at the Capital City Half. Run with my running buddy Shelby for her FIRST Marathon on 6/26 Rock 'N' Roll Seattle..

I will have many eating, living and running goals, but there is your SNEAK PEAK.. Since you asked..


Jill said...

That looks like an awesome schedule, Katie!! I'd love to do Lake Tahoe..I hear it's very challening. I haven't had a chance to get a 2010 goals going, waiting to get Tucson done this weekend first...but for sure Boston and somewhere a 50miler.

I miss you on my blog, you haven't been there for awhile :(.

Hope your day's going great!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are nuts! THat is so many marathons. Sounds fun though!

You are so going to earn that yellow jersey.

Heather said...

You have a fun schedule! I'm obsessed with schedule/training making and hyper organized about it too.

Jess said...

Your organizational skillz certainly imply that you would be an excellent accountant. Can I employ you?

The planned schedule looks great! Hope it all works out well!

Tara said...

I am so freaking glad that I'm not a tax accountant. No offense, but damn girl!!! LOL.

I really like excel too. In fact, I'm in love with it. What is with us nerdy accountants? I actually had a pen behind my ear today. WTH?

Love your schedule. Still trying to figure mine out. Wish we could run together sometime, but I don't see anything on your list that I was thinking about. Maybe I'll check them out anyway.

Christina said...

I love spreadsheets and have one that has a bunch of races in it too. I started it because there isn't one website with all the races listed in it. It is for all over the states and when I research a future race, I add more to it.

Your calendar does look full through tax season and maybe you should take out a half and put in a 5K, or just remove a race so you're ready for marathons to get maniac status.

shellyrm said...

Wow that schedule! Where will your life fit in? That is maniac!(Don't worry, I'm just jealous)

You are soooooo fast!!

Sarah said...

I hope it works out for us both to do the SC half. I was so bummed I didn't get to see you after I ran the 10k last year, so this would be great if it works out! :)

Are you still considering Napa in July?

N.D. said...

looks like a great schedule!