Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Rx for My Running Blahs....

I have no doubt been in a funk lately with my running.  I am noticing every little ache, every little muscle tightness and giving myself every excuse in the book to not go for a run.  This is not the Katie I know.  I am usually rearranging everything in my life to get out for a run.  These past two weeks though, I have been giving myself the time off to just be lazy.  This is probably not such a bad thing.  CIM is on Sunday and since I really didn't need a taper because I had just ran Fresno four weeks ago, my laziness was probably a good thing.  I stopped feeling guilty and went with my gut (something us runners don't usually listen to!).

Yesterday I had to get out for a run.  Work has been boring and Ari and I have been dealing with some major work issues at his job.  I needed to clear my head out but the thought of hitting the pavement in my usual spots just drained all excitement from me.  I had heard there was a nice quiet and pretty flat trail about 3 miles from our house.  Perfect!  Ari and I loaded his bike in the car and we headed over.  Boy, were we not disappointed!  It's the Los Alamitos Creek Trail in Almaden and it was awesome.  It starts at a lake that is right in the middle of suburbia and winds along the beautiful foothills that surround us.  It was chilly!  My legs felt like led from the cold and it was only 50 degrees!  That made me a little worried - I have a feeling the temps are going to be in the 30's when the race starts on Sunday!  Soon my legs were warmed up and I was cruising.  I am so excited I found this trail, too!  I think it is one that I can go to by myself and not worry too much.  It was very well traveled yesterday, we passed a ton of people.  Yay for new running trails.  Six great miles!

6 miles  47:11  7:51/mi pace
1st 3 miles  24:13  8:04/mi pace
2nd 3 miles  22:58  7:39/mi pace  (yay! negative split!)

I forgot to take our camera but I pulled some pics of the website to show you just how awesome of a trail it is!

This was a run that I really needed.  The change of scenery was just what the doctor ordered!  I think I am going to try it again tonight - it was so easy to get to and so easy to bang out six miles quickly. 

I am going to run on Sunday but I am just not thinking about it.  I had all these fears because I really wanted to BQ for 2011 again.  Plus, once you run a sub 3:40 isn't it kind-of expected you keep doing it?  Probably not, but that is what my brain is telling me.  How can I show up for a marathon and run slow?  I am telling myself right now to just go out and enjoy it.  No pressure.  I am sure I will be well below 4 hours, I just don't need to focus on a sub 3:40 if my legs and heart are not feeling it.  I am super stoked to meet up with all the bloggy peeps that will be there so that will make it all worth it!  Oh, and I am pretty excited about being a Maniac - even if the singlet is a gawd-awful yellow! :)

3 Days to go to CIM!  Have a great Thursday peeps!
Happy Running!


Staci Dombroski said...

What a great run! It is always motivating to find new places to run! Great job :-)

Tricia said...

Looks like a lovely place to run!

Jenn said...

My God-I am sooo desperate for some scenery. I'll have to post pictures of the dullness that I run in. Glad you had a great run and found a new route!! Good attitude on the marathon. Competitive minds always want one second better and it makes it hard to just enjoy the run sometimes! Good luck and have fun!

aron said...

haha well no one expects you to run ANOTHER sub 3:40 4 weeks later! that is A LOT :) not that you cant, because you of all people could but still... glad you are taking the pressure off. plus you have all of 2010 to get in for 2011, its only 2009! just go out there and have fun! its a great course and race and so many people will be out there running!

Sarah said...

Looks beautiful! I may have to try that trail out myself. :) Sounds like the perfect way to mix up the same old run.

I need to get myself a Garmin watch so I can run wherever and track myself. Thank goodness Xmas is coming up! ;) Plus I hope to increase my mileage in January too. Right now I'm not running far at all.

Good luck this weekend!!

TMB said...

Can not wait to hear how it goes on Sunday! You are going to rock it! Just go out and enjoy it, seriously, you'll have no problem breaking 4 hours and anything else will be icing on the cake!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

OK so my Asics Kayanos have a mesh top, I guess my big toes curls up when I run because I have worn holes through both of my pairs.. Guess those shoes don't work..

What a PRETTY PRETTY trail..I was bummed today my river trail path is covered with HUGS levy sandbags.

GOOD LUCK this weekend. I am with Aron, the fact that you have EVER run a 3:40 is enough, you have proven you can do it. Now just enjoy!! Oh and push Aron to a sub 3:40 if you can. LOL!!

Thanks for the comment..

shellyrm said...

You were flying! Great pace. You must have been inspired by that new trail! Great job!

Jill said...

Hey Girlie...been thinking about your since you commented on mine. I'm truly sorry for the work me a shout if you need to vent - I'm there!!

CIM. Just run it and have a blast! You already qualified for Boston 2011 with Fresno; the qualification is good for 18 months so your in girl! I ran StG last year and then 8 weeks later went and ran Dallas expecting a repeat performance. Fail! Different course, different conditions, and my body was tired. So go in thinking it will just be a great long run and you will do so much better!!

Hang in there!!! Nice pics, btw!!!!

N.D. said...

glad you got out there and tried something new!! :)

Heather said...

Gorgeous run!

Enjoy CIM this weekend - I hear it's a great course.

Tara said...

What a beautiful trail. I love trail runs; they are such a great distraction from the pounding of the pavement that we normally do.

When I get the running blahs; I sometimes take a week or so off and do other workouts. When I do finally go back to running, I always feel refreshed!