Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sorry If I Ramble...

But that little head injury incident that I mentioned yesterday is in full force today!  My head is killing me and unfortunately there isn't much they do for concussions.  I am finding that I am forgetting things like crazy!  I got all the way out to my car in the garage this morning and realized that I hadn't put my shoes on!  I wanted to cry!  The foggy feeling and killer headache is just plain sucky.  I hope I feel better for New Years!

On to a lighter note, guess what was in my mailbox last night?!

It's official!

My Boston 2 Big Sur training shirt!  That really made my day!  I was excited to put it on and go for a run but thought better.  I don't think I should run right now considering the state of my head :(  But I am sure this one is going to get some major use between now and April!  I also contacted the race director yesterday for the Brazen New Year's 1/2 Marathon that I was registered for on Saturday and told him about my situation.  He was very, very nice and agreed to let me move my entry to a new trail race on January 30, the Bear Creek Trail Half Marathon!  That is one of the great things about doing local races.  The race directors and organizers can really take care of their runners and I will say this race director has really earned my business!  I am excited to see and possibly do a lot of the other local race series in the remainder of the year.  Thanks Sam!

I also had a 10K in Palo Alto scheduled for New Year's Day.  The race fee was minimal so I am going to just let that one go.  It is also a race where 100% of the race fee goes to the local food bank so I don't feel right about trying to get it back.  I will hopefully still be able to get a run in on NY Day since I haven't missed that tradition in almost five years.  How about you, any of you participating in a local NY Day race? 

I am finalizing my training plan for Boston this week and am getting excited to start it.  I always relish the experience of making my training spreadsheet and then printing multiple copies to put up at my house and office.  I love looking at what's ahead for the day or week and psyching myself up for the runs.  I especially will need it come February when tax season starts full swing and I will be pulling 12+ hour days :( 

I am almost finished with my Yak Trax review and will post that tomorrow.  A little preview though, they were great!  I really felt confident on my runs in the snow and ice.  A very inexpensive way to stay safe during less than ideal running conditions.  Oh, and how about that Charlie Sheen?  Wow!  I know this is a running blog, but come on how can I not mention that one!  He never ceases to amaze!

Have a great Tuesday peeps!
Happy Running!


shellyrm said...

Be careful with your head it's got some important cargo! Seriously, I have had two skull fractures (long story...one with video!) and hitting your head can be serious business! Listen to your body and make sure you are okay.

How great to get your shirt. Now it's real! I am jealous. I will get off my butt and plan for my spring races...someday soon.

Denise said...

Take it easy!! That's really nice that the race director let you switch things up! Can't believe it's time to get ready for Boston. where does the time go?

Jill said...

Be careful, you, with that head thing. I work with the nurse at the high school sometimes and see a lot of head injuries. If things get worse, get to the dr. right away!!

I heart that shirt and am totally envious you are doing B2B!!! Can't wait to read about your journey to get there!!

And random thoughts? Please...that's what we do - we are just all over the map kinda girls! :)

Heather said...

Sorry your head is bothering you - hope you feel better soon.

Morgan said...

Smart move not going out for a run! Take it easy until you are feeling better! Concussion's are no joke!!!

Yay for the race director moving things around for you! I wish my last exchange with a race director had turned out as well as yours.

I seriously can't wait to read this Yak Trax review because I have heard about them but have no idea how they are used so I hope you post pics! Us Floridian's don't need those contraptions! LOL!

Katie said...

Yikes! I hope that you feel better soon. I'm glad that the race director allowed you to switch your races around! I'm excited to read your yak trax review- those would definitely come in handy in upstate ny!

Staci Dombroski said...

I hope you get better soon. That is great that they were able to change your race to another date!! Have a great New Year's :-)

TMB said...

Hope you feel better soon! Take it easy. And don't sweat about forgeting things ... I have forgotten to put shoes on my kids on more than one occasion and I haven't hit my head!

Sarah said...

Speaking from experience, be careful recovering from your head injury. It really can take a while to heal and better safe than sorry when it comes to your noggin. Glad to hear you have cancelled your running plans at least for a few days.

So cool you make up a running plan. I actually just finished one for me to start, culminating in the Santa Cruz half. I really hope I can stick to it!

Look forward to following your craziness to Boston and Big Sur!

Jess said...

Yeah, careful with the noggin. Those head injuries can be deceptively innocuous.

Have fun planning for Boston!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Love the shirt...that makes it all so real.. My training for Eugene (BQ dreams) starts on Jan 9th. I was talking to the Fleet Feet owner today about the plan. WIsh he would have just given it to me UGH!! He said that I need to be ready to run slower than usual. I am sooo bad at running slower makes me feel like I wont be ready. Oh well trust the process..

Feel better!!

I have never run on New Years, sounds fun!

N.D. said...

It is so exciting that you are doing Boston. Hope everything is feeling better!

Tara said...

Katie, I'm a little concerned about that head thing. Maybe you should go to the doc? Those are all signs of a concussion. Be careful my friend!

I'm glad that you like those Yak traks! They're great for trail running eh?

Billy Burger said...

Nutty! Have a blast! I hear they're both awesome.