Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Update

TGIF peeps!  Even though I have to work tomorrow, it's still a Saturday and I don't have to work the whole day, so I am going to stay positive and still be excited it's Friday because I have another fun weekend ahead!! 

So, looks like some of you whimps aren't up for a little core challenge?  I've only heard from a few of my faithful readers who are ready to get their core in shape for spring running!  Come on peeps, there is a great prize for the person with the most days of core crunches/sit-ups and who doesn't like to win something for doing something good for themselves?  If you would like to still participate, drop me an email and let me know you're in.  The rules are for the most days completing 50+ crunches/sit-ups in 30 days, so you have plenty of time to still jump on board!  Also, don't forget about my Relay donation page, there is a special gift for the person who donates the most.  For every $1 you get an entry.  So whatever you can spare will get you in!  Thanks!
So far, this is the list of peeps who are on board for the challenge.  If I missed your name or you would like to join, drop me a line at and I will add you :)
Heather at Junk Miles
April at Mommy's Fit for the King
Sarah at Looking for Serendipity
L.B. at Muddy Runner
Jill at Finishing is Winning
Marcia at Running off at the Mouth
Sam at Operation Jack
Morgan at Caution: Redhead Running

Only 8 of you?  I've got more readers than that!  Put yourself up to the challenge and no matter what you WILL be a winner!  Remember also, if you post a link to the challenge on your blog, you can get an extra entry - just drop me a line when you do!

Sunday I have a half marathon on the books.  I am running the Shamrock Half Marathon in Sacramento and I am really looking forward to this.  I even bought a cute green sports bra to wear!  After all, I'm 100% Irish and need to celebrate besides drinking beer :)  I am still fighting off my cold, and that was all too apparent last night when I was running and coughing.  And even though everyone I talked to who ran this last year and said it's a great course for a PR, I don't think that will be my plan for Sunday.  I am in no shape to set a PR, my PR for a half is 1:36, I don't think my lungs will hold on for that!  So, I am going to run a conservative race, keeping it at around 8:00 miles which is my full marathon pace.  I also have to add some miles for the day as I have 20 on the books.  I am planning do to 2 before to get my legs warmed up, run the 13.1, then finish off after with another 7.  I think this will be a good training day with the race and finishing with some heavier miles. 

After work tomorrow we are going to head up to Sacramento and stay with my Bro and my SIL Suz.  He has already scoped out a great Indian food restaurant for us that I am wicked excited about!  My miles this week haven't been crazy, but I am hungry alllllll the time!!!  So food is a big priority on my list right now! :)

On to the running.  
Monday, I did 7 miles on the dreadmill to get a speed work out in.
7 miles  53:28  7:38/mi pace.  I started out the run at 8:00 miles then worked it down, finishing my last mile at 6:52.  It was a hard run, but it felt good to be running fast.
Tuesday I set out and it was getting windy and cold.  For a split second I thought I probably shouldn't be running in this weather with my cold but dropped that idea like a bad habit.  Wrong idea.  I headed out and right away my lungs were burning and I was coughing!  I lasted two miles before I yelled mercy and called Ari to pick my sorry, sick butt up.
Wednesday I decided to hit the treadmill at home again because I had to go back to work in the evening to keep working.
7 miles  55:41  7:57/mi pace.  This was a great run - I think mentally because I got a break from work and just got to run!
Yesterday I went home at a decent time with the thought that I would be heading back to work.  I decided to do my run outside and it felt great.  It's funny all the things that you smell more when you have a cold.  The bus fumes and cigarette smoke I smelled waiting at stop lights would get me coughing and choking!  Usually I don't even notice it!
8 miles 1:03:21  7:55/pace  I wanted to do more but my lungs were not having it!  As it was, when I stopped, I coughed and choked for a good 10 mins!  My body is feeling better but my lungs are still a wreck!  Needless to say, I never made it back to work-  I was wiped!

Not a huge mileage week but I'm getting the runs in and they have been pretty consistent in pace.  That is all I ask for right now.  I am trying to really stay in the 7:55-8:00 mile range to train myself what it feels like.  Each time it is more and more comfortable.

Lots of races this weekend!  Aron, Tara & Page are all running Shamrock with me!  Whoo hoo!  I see some PR's in their futures :)  Sam has marathon number 13 for the year for Operation Jack, good luck buddy!  And the Redhead is pacing her friend to a PR - rock it!  L.B. has a little 5K, too - you're gonna smoke Danny!  And to all the peeps who are racing that I may have missed, good luck!  And to all of you rockin' the long run - run strong!
Happy Friday and Happy Running Peeps!


Jill said...

Okay, put me down for the ab challenge. I do reverse ab do I get double points for each? :). How long is the challenge?

You're running pretty dang well for being sick, girl! I was down and out and whiny beyond belief when my lungs caught a fungus! Good for you for fighting through it!! You are just an incredible runner...and person!

I can remember when you and I started out with only knowing each other, basically, in bloggy world - look how far you've come, meeting blog friends for an awesome race! I'm going to try to come up with a few $$ for your project cuz I love the cause...and you :).

I just did a little virtual 6.66 mile race (haha) and am doing a 7K (lucky 7) on first for the year. Next weekend is my big half in Atl. Not much for you racer-woman, but a big deal for me. I'm nervous. Oh, hahah...I'm rambling on about myself and this is YOUR blog. GOOD LUCK this weekend, I'll be thinking about you!!! :)
Hugs to you!

Sarah said...

You are a crazy woman running so much while you are coughing and sickie!! I hope you start feeling better soon so you can ramp it up for Boston. Good luck this weekend too! :)

Tara said...

Ok, fine, I'm in, but yes, I'm still a whimp. So don't make fun of my whole 10 sit ups that I put in. :)

I will have to work the weekend too. :(
This will be the 4th weekend in a row that I have put in weekend hours.

Morgan said...

Thanks for the shout out girly! Good luck this weekend! Can't wait for the race recap!

Jamoosh said...

1. Good luck at the Shamrock.
2. I am on injured reserve - no challenge for me. :-(

Staci Dombroski said...

Good luck on the race! I can't wait to hear all about it :-)

aron said...

yay so excited for this weekend and to be at another race with you!!!

Sam said...

Do we only have to do 50? Bummer! I did 75 last night. But I'm just getting used to the routine. I'll crank it up and my wife will thank you.

Good luck on the race this weekend (and thanks for the shout-out)! PR or ER!

Teamarcia said...

Good luck and have fun at your race but don't push too hard if you're coughing up a lung.
I'm batting 1000 so far on the core challenge BTW.

Stephanie said...

I just found your blog today and will start your competition. I need the ab work...Running my first 1/2 in April and then off to Mexico for my 5yr anniversary vacation...So, I need for my core to be IN SHAPE!


Angela and David Kidd said...

Good luck this weekend! Have fun and maybe you'll surprise yourself with a PR.


sign me up! Just wait until you see my rock hard abs (or flab) ...

good luck this weekend!

ajh said...

Good luck at the half and have fun!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I'm not a gel user, but you can totally count me in. I need to stick to some daily ab work...SERIOUSLY!

have tons of fun this weekend, I wish I was running a shamrock race. we used to do one in KC every year

Heather said...

Good luck at Shamrock this weekend!

Jameson said...

I'm in for sure!

Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend!! Next year I'll join ya! and YAY for IRISH gals.

ShutUpandRun said...

Good luck on your race. You are just FAST!!

Anonymous said...

Ill be at a Shamrock race next weekend!!! Course, I can't race, but still it is going to be a fun time!

Indi said...

I love me some GU! what better motivation other than the crazy Abs I'll have. Count me in!

Laura said...

Am I too late to join in? and can I enter from the UK? Count me in if it's still open :)